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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.2 fixed
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: One of the 3 smallest province's in north west (kurdish) part of iraq with its main border's with syria and turkije. The terrain is based on actual hight and satalite data.

Date: 2012-10-10 17:34

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Faysh Khabur Iraq


Situated in Iraq’s far north, the province of Dahuk is famous for its snowy winters. The border crossing near the town of Zakho is Iraq’s primary border crossing with Turkey. Dahuk has also a border gate with Syria known as the Faysh khabur border gate. The main trading route from Iraq to Turkey runs through Dahuk, this could bring economic gain as cross-border trade increases.
Some villages were destroyed or evacuated since 1988 due to insecurity and other problems like poverty and loss of essential resource, for these reasons people migrated from their villages to sub-district centers, living in public buildings or sharing houses with other families.
In general, roads are in good condition except some far located villages that are hard to access, especially in winter.

The terrain is based on actual height and satellite data and depicts the southern part of Dahuk and its main trade route with Turkey and Sirya.
Its a pretty deserted area with some small village's, three bigger towns.
At the moment there is a border crossing with Sirya.
Most villages are placed pretty much where they would be in real life some are changed in to industrial area's or Underground factory's, the city's have a fictional layout.
The terrain lends itself perfectly for long range sniper mission's, escape and evade which would be a hell of a challenge, convoy missions,tank battle's etc etc.
The terrain is divided in two, the river Tigris is crossing the entire 400 square kilometer map.
There are two bridges to cross it but u can find your way trough shallow water, even with armored vehicles or Make use of amphibious vehicles for troop transport its up to u.

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Included .pbo files:
Opx Buildings.pbo


Credits & Thanks:
Tupolov and team,
Bohemia interactive,
Everyone else that i have asked questions/shared information,
Beta testers and the community.

v1.2 fixed
- replaced included missions with fixed versions

- Added: New sky textures.
- Added: Road signs.
- Added: Farms.
- Added: Villa.
- Changed: Complete sattalite and mask overhaul.
- Changed: Water color back to default.
- Changed: Airfields textures.
- Changed: Some (+- 200) compound layouts.
- Changed: Afkhan.
- Changed: Al walid.
- Changed: Reya gunde bihar.
- Changed: Shirk.
- Changed: Simele.
- Changed: Islands class name (BMFayshkhabur).
- Fixed: Hightmap, flatten a few ugly spots.
- Fixed: Hightmap, lowered mushorah airfield and rabiah.
- Fixed: Taxi off/in waypoints (MSO issue's).
- Fixed: Some buildings, floors where underground.
- Fixed: Wall, alignments.
- Fixed: Taiya Location (alice).
- Fixed: Light poles "industrial area" no longer in middle of the road.
- Fixed: Water showed on land when flying at high altitudes.
- Fixed: River depth.
- Removed: Vegetation inside buildings.

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