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Requirements: Armed Forces of Ukraine, Conspiracies Part III, Chechen Rebels, Clay Dogs, Force Recon Black reskin, Project Paranoia - Special Forces Alpha, Everon, Berlin Wall, Objects for radars
Island(s): Everon
Playable options: Multiplayer compatible

Version: 1.06

Date: 2011-08-16 20:40

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Conspiracies: Operation Evac


This time I want to release a project in the conspiracies-universe by my own. Remember I had no help this time. I lay more focus on the gameplay this time, story is atm not that important. But I implemented some nice features I think. First it was a try-platform for myself. So I added some story and I think I can release it, before it falls under the desk and in the deep. If this project runs good and you mean it could be a thing that can be done better and bigger, say and I will. So see you all as an alpha/beta/final-tester. But let's come to buisnis.

Short storyline:
My name is Scott Shelby. I am an agent of the CIA. My actual mission is to find out where Section-9 is located.
Section-9 is an russian bunker project. I am not sure about the fact but it is big. We have to know why they build
something big. Why are they scared. About what? Maybe they plan a new cold war? We have to know what is going on there.
At the moment the USA is not fit enought to begin a new war. Espacially not against the russian. Years ago, the russian rebuildet the powerplant for new research about the nuclear power and the human beeing.
Maybe they did not stop this project. However... We will see i think...

The key-features in Version 1.0:
  • A working Skill-Level modul
      >>> If you get more IGP (Ingame Points) you will level up, that means: new fortifications for your hideout, cars, teammates or weapons. You will earn IGP's by completing missions, kill enemies, find secrets or new places. You can level up till Level 20.
  • Anomalies
      >>> At the moment I have only one more the less working anomaly. This is an gravity anomaly. If you go in there, a sound appears and you will be kicked into the sky.
  • 7 Main-Missions (MM)
      >>> That means this missions are storydriven. You will need to complete these to end the game. This missions give more IGP when completing.
  • 6 Additional-Missions (AM)
      >>> That means this missions are additional and were no MUST to complete. But they bring additional IGP's.
  • Blackout's
      >>> ATM very simple. Just a sound and whitened display. But nevertheless scary at night.
  • A working sleeping modul
      >>> This time you will HAVE to sleep. Otherwise you can die. Like known, the time skips 4 hours when sleeping. You can only sleep/rest on places where you have a roof above you or what is safe.
  • Radiation
      >>> The whole gameworld is conterminated. Find a way through the radiation, if you are too close you can die instantly.

Extract the COE.pbo file to your ArmA2 Operation Arrowhead\Campaigns folder.
Extract the COECOOP.eden.pbo to your mpmissionfolder!

Extract the COELoading.pbo to the addonfolder you (should) have created for COE!
Download the loading screens from here (5mb).


Future plans:
Also the handbook is in work.

Credits & thanks:

- fixed the sleeping-script
- fixed the Flashlightbug on some PC's
- fixed the Hollow Island bug with the boat in COOP
- fixed some saving bugs in COOP

- added 2 new AM's
- added new gameworld (Railway's)
- own new gameworld effect
- possible COOP-Mode up to 4 players (dl seperate)
- new loadingsscreens (dl seperate)

- added 3 new AM's
- added new gameworld (Hollow Island)
- own new gameworld effect

- added 2 new places you can find
- added 3 new AM's
- added random-weather condition script
- added bloodsuckers
- fixed a "removeaction" problem
- added a new anomaly
- added a small sized addition to the gameworld

Forum topic:
- BI forums

- Armed Forces of Ukraine
- Conspiracies Part III
- Chechen Rebels
- Clay Dogs
- Force Recon Black reskin
- Project Paranoia - Special Forces Alpha
- Everon
- Berlin Wall
- Objects for radars

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