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Short description: Taviana is an island country situated in the Baltic Sea approximately 120km off the coast of Lithuania or Kaliningrad.

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Taviana Island


Taviana (Officialy: Tavianska Sovjetskaja Socialističiskaja Respublika - TSSR– The Soviet Socialist Republic of Taviana) is an island country situated in the Baltic Sea approximately 120km off the coast of Lithuania or Kaliningrad. It has a population of approximately 1 500 000 inhabitants of who 90% are ethnic Slavs called “Rustaki”, Russians or Poles and 10% ethnic Lithuanians. The capital and second largest city of the republic is Sabina which is located on the Southern coast of lake Umag, has a population of approximately 150 000 and has the republics main international airport.

The official spoken language on Taviana is Tavianian (Tavijanski Jazik) which is an Eastern Slavic language written in a variation of the Belarusian Cyrillic alphabet. Lithuanian, Russian and Polish are also officially recognised languages of the republic.


The largest religious group consisting of 70% of Tavianas population are Orthodox Christians, the second major religious group in the republic are Catholics consisting of approximately 15% population where as 15% of the population have no religion.

Independence and the revolution:
Following the 1917 uprising against the Tsarist autocracy Taviana gained independence from the Russian empire and established a Socialist government lead by the SPT (Socialističiskaja Partija Taviany – The Socialist party of Taviana) to the present day. A 50 meter statue of Lenin was also built in the capital cities main square called (Sredmestje Vladimira Iliča Lenina - The Square of Vladimir Illich Lenin) to commemorate the 1917 revolution.

Approximately 50% Tavianas economy consists of the extraction of natural resources such as oil and gas which are drilled mainly on the islands North coasts. Fishing and farming form another 35% of the republics economy while heavy industry such as metal works, chemical plants and shipyards from the remaining 15% of the economy.

874 – The first recorded conflict on Taviana took place on the site where today’s port Molotovsk stands in the year 874 between Slavic migrants from the East and native Nordic inhabitants which were eventually forced out of the island.

1240 – 1241 – In the year 1240 Norwegian forces invaded Taviana in an attempt to conquer the island but were forced out one year later in the final battle that took place on the fields of Stari Bor.

1015 – In the year 1015 the Roman empire launched a series of failed attempts to conquer the island.

1600-1611 – In the years between 1600 – 1611 Taviana was invaded by Swedish forces during the Polish-Swedish war but where forced off the island by Polish forces in the battle on the fields on Novi Bor.

1625-1629 – In the years between 1625 – 1629 Taviana took part in the Polish-Swedish war fighting on the Polish side.

1914–1918 (World war 1)- Taviana remained mostly untouched by World War 1 although some conflicts were fought in Prussia and Kaliningrad in attempts to seize the provinces from German control. The years between 1914 – 1918 also saw the Bolshevik revolution of 1917 which gave Taviana independence from Tsarist rule and in which the Socialist Republic of Taviana was born.

1939–1945 (World War 2) – World War 2 was a very dark chapter in Taviana’s History. The island was invaded by the Third Reich which forced the Socialist government and the Taviana armed forces in to exile in the Soviet Union where the Taviana armed forces merged with the Red Army and fought against the Third Reich. While fighting continued the Jewish population of Taviana was deported to death camps in Poland while the native population of Taviana was forced in to labour, manufacturing weapons.

In the last phases of World War 2 Taviana was liberated by Red army troops and surviving troops of the Taviana armed forces who reinstalled the socialist government.

1945 onwards – From 1945 onwards Taviana saw a large number of Lithuanian, Russian and Polish migrants feeling from the destroyed European mainland who took on the task of re-building the republic.
Today Taviana is still one of the Soviet Union’s key allies and serves as an important strategic location for the Soviet Union as well as a important submarine repair base.

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This addon requires ArmA 2 or ArmA 2 Combined Arms, there is no difference in terms of functionality.

Launch the Taviana Island Installer.exe installer and follow the onscreen instructions.
If you do not wish to use the installer, right click on Taviana Island Installer.exe and select ‘Open with WinRar’, in which case the file will be opened as a standard .rar archive.

Included .pbo files:


Reporting bugs:
Have you found a bug or are you having trouble with this island? Please leave a reply in the official Taviana thread on the BIS forums or PM me:

Credits & thanks:
All credit for this addon belongs to its original author (Martin Bauer) and those listed below:
- Martin (Height map, sat + layer mask, all object placement, modelling, texturing, object animation)
- Bushlurker (Countless help and support =) )
- Richard (Help in modelling of various models)
- Hevoc100 (Coming up with the name - Taviana)
- Broseph (Various textures for models)
- Zenger (Tavianas release screenarts, support and regular updating of with Taviana news)
- BIS (Creating the wonderful engine and amazing game)
- Fargustino (Improving the satellite mask, ideas and race track model)
- DKM MOD (Windmills)
- Ensk Island team (Lenin Statue, wooden church and more...)
- Electronic engineers (for making all this technology possible)
- Pathetic_Berserker (Stadium)
- USEC, Mattaust & Rocket (Offshore rigs)
- Kamp (Config help, BETA testig)
- Robster (Numerous support, terrain help, satelite and layer ask help, bug fixing, advice and guidance)
- KamikadzeVM (Various building models)

And a special thanks to: (for regularly posting news about Taviana and giving Taviana a place on theirhome page)
Thanks to all the other countless fan sites for mirroring and posting news about Taviana!
Thanks to all the people who reported bugs and leave comments for me!
A big thanks to everyone who has been following Taviana on the BIS forums and other websites, everyone who left replies, their thoughts and encouraged me to get to where I am now, without you, Taviana wouldn't be possible!

- James "Planck" McNicoll (1952 - 2010)
- The ArmA 2 community
- Bohemia Interactive Studios
- Everyone who helped me and supported me

- All terrain and object placement finished
- ALICE (Ambient Civilian Module) Added
- AI paths added to custom buildings
- Clocks, windmills, ferris wheel animated
- Known geometry issues fixed
- Known misplaced objects aligned/removed
- Character falling through objects fixed
- Doors, ladders, petrol stations now function
- Missing texture issues resolved
- Airport glideslopes adjusted
- Various performance tweaks
- Issues with more than 4 colours in layer mask resolved
- Misplaced clutter/tree issues resolved
- Characters floating in the air in specific locations resolved
- International hotel heights resolved
- Various minor known issues resolved
- Various issues on satellite mask corrected
- Into cut scene improved

beta 3
- Main island completely finished (1/4 more playable land added)
- ALICE civilian module support added
- Airports now usable by AI
- Missing ILS error fixed
- Airport runway surface fixed (now smooth)
- All missing texture/object errors fixed
- More clutter added to forests
- Sabina bridge fall through bug fixed
- Various satellite, layer mask and clutter bugs fixed
- Various road sign misplacements corrected
- Highways emergency U turn sections added
- Jail building added on separate island
- Strange mesh bug at the bars fixed
- More tree variation
- Various missing map names added
- Cyrillic support added for main menu title (Russian users)
- Bratislav bridge illuminated
- Parliament building river fall through bug fixed
- Road segments not appearing on map fixed
- Street names added to Lepestok, Sevastopol and other towns…

beta 2
- no changelog

beta 1.0
- MOD folders bug: FIXED (Island can now be used with MOD folders)
- Config names error: FIXED
- Latin writing converted to Cyrillic
- Children’s ship in school (plane in model was reversed)
- Sabina heating station geometry fixed
- Foot path misalignment fixed
- Trolleybus depot finished
- Buildings that tip over when destroyed fixed
- Bratislav bridge was not appearing on the map: now appears
- Police stations added
- Billboard texture not showing fixed
- Mailbox texture not showing fixed
- Trolleybus depot geometry fixed
- Misaligned trolleybus wires, realigned
- Water dispensers added
- Missing geometries fixed
- Instances in which the layer falls through the floor fixed
- Tomb of king Solibor finished
- Unfinished models have been finished
- BIS+Key addon signature added
- Destroyable road objects fixed
- Missing texture errors fixed
- Missing object error fixed
- More clutter added to forests
- Satellite & layer masks tweaked
- Intro anim added
- Map names localised to English, Russian, Czech and Polish
- Sewage processing plant added
- Airport building added
- Train carriages added
- Railway wires removed
- Street name signs redone
- Misplaced road segments fixed
- Drains added
- More forest clutter added

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