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    Quote GalComT :
    Its Friday again, and we dont want to hold back what we have achieved this week. In addition to these screenshots we would like to anounce our corporation with XcrossworX with whom we are bringing the Fennek into Arma2.
    Anyways here are the pictures, in additon to the fennek (which was also the vehicle hidden in last weeks pictures) we want to show you the almost finished Unimog U1300L as well as the Mercedes GD250 Wolf.

    Also seen in these picture is the TFOR version of one of the U1300Ls, since there are so many different desert camo versions for vehicles in the germany army and all looked realy good on the vehicles we decided to make them all. Sand and brown colored for regular desert version, sand, brown and light green or sand and green for Isaf version, and the version shown in the picture below which is my personal favorite with fictional TFOR markings.

You can find more detailed information and leave your feedback in the German Armed Forces wip topic.


Written on 2011-09-02 17:04 by GalComT  

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