Author: UK_Force
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Requirements: Arma 2

Version: 0.16 BETA
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: This is the famous Project Reality mod for Arma 2.

Date: 2011-09-03 20:08

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Project Reality: Arma 2

The Project Reality Team

The award winning Project Reality Team is proud to announce the official release of Project Reality: ARMA 2 v0.1 BETA!

After countless hours of development, thousands of code changes and an intensive testing period, we are pleased to announce the general availability of the Project Reality: ARMA 2 v0.1 BETA modification. You can download and install the mod one of three ways. The easiest way is via a self-installer.exe. The second is to use Desura, a powerful digital distribution application. The final and most difficult way is to download a ZIP to manually install. To avoid any potential problems, we strongly advise all users to use either the self-installer.exe or Desura to install the mod.

First BETA Release
This initial release is a BETA, and therefore should NOT be considered a final product. It should also be noted that this is v0.1 of a brand new mod on a new game engine and should not be compared in anyway to the Project Reality: BF2 modification. The aim of this BETA release is for the PR Team to get quality feedback to ensure that we are progressing in the right direction with the PR:ARMA2 mod.

Most of the current work we have is sitting at around 80-90% complete, but is simply not ready to be included in this initial BETA release. With that said, a lot of content has been removed and in some cases placeholders have been implemented so that we can concentrate on the more important gameplay aspect of the mod to ensure we get it right first.

As with any BETA release, the quality of future releases now lies with you, the community, and the feedback you provide. As is normal with any Project Reality release, we will not take on any feedback for at least 2 weeks. This time period will allow players to adapt and fully understand the PR:ARMA2 gameplay concept before commenting. Therefore, the feedback forums will remain locked for the next 2 weeks.

  • Common
      Added Suicide Vests
      Added VBIED's
      Added Cargo & dragging: supporting vehicle and containers (using either physical or virtual cargo).
      Added Hesco's & hesco structures & other fortifications (WIP)
      Added custom boxes, crates and containers.
      Added FX addon
      Added Mines addon

  • Dialogs, UI, HUD's
      Changed: AGM-114K Hellfire Missiles are now optically guided (Mando Missile ArmA)
      Added Armaments dialog with class selection and backpacks
      Added Squad Managements dialog - with squad locking, invites, etc.
      Added Various mini HUD's: compass, range finder, messages, etc.
      Added Question HUD (allowing yes/no responses to system or player questions).
      Added Respawn dialog - supporting FO's, RP's, HO's.
      Added ROE violation tracking
      Added Scoring dialog - with game mode specific stats.
      Added Squad comm's menus.
      Added Player name & Crew Names HUD.
      Added FlexiMenu: Rose menu for Squad menu & Interaction menu.

  • Medic System
      Added Medic system - for limited self first aid, plus assistance first aid, plus full medic first aid.
      Added Drag out unconscious wounded from vehicles.

  • Vehicle Specific
      Airlift system - for cargo transport via helicopter.
      Added Basic airdrop options from aircraft.
      Added Upright vehicles which have rolled over. Requires between 1-8 players depending on size of vehicle, ATV->Truck.
      Added Mortar/artillery interface. (Placeholder, until next release.)
      Added Vehicle Maintenance system - Rearming, Repairs, Refuel at certain service points, plus offsite tyre repairs. These are manually initiated.
      Removed all automatic rearming, refueling and repairing from all trucks and ammo crates.
      Added Weapon/ammo-specific ammo supply boxes for all static mounted weapons. Eg: DSHKM MG ammo box (50Rnd 127x107) with 8 supplies.

  • Game Modes
      Added A&D mode
      Added A&S mode
      Added CI mode

  • Sounds
      Added New Sounds for Warrior : Internal and external engine and noise sounds, Rarden 30mm and Chaingun sounds, HE and AP impact sounds, turret traversing sounds.
      Added Quadbike sounds.
      Added Opfor and Bluefor small arms weapon firing sounds.
      Added Apache M230 firing and impact sounds.
      Added impact sounds for 30mm 2A42 opfor vehicle mounted weapon (BMP and Vodnik BPPU).
      Added firing sounds for PKT opfor vehicle mounted MG

  • Models
      Added Warrior
      Added British MTP Soldiers
      Added Merlin
      Added Chinook (Specular Map Issue - WIP)
      Added Apache
      Added Jackal
      Removed Jackal (BAF Lite Jackal used as Placeholder)
      Added SV MAN Truck Variants
      Removed SV MAN Truck Variants (BI MTVR Placeholder)

  • Weapons
      Added all British Weapons (BAF Retexture - Placeholder)
  • Maps
      Added Afghan Village v0.1
      Removed Afghan Village v0.1 (Currently has a number of issues)

  • Missions
      Added missions for Takistan
      Added missions for Zargabad
      Added missions for Afghan Village
      Removed missions for Afghan Village

    As we always recommend use modfolders to seperate the custom content from the official game content to prevent problems. For different ways to set up your modfolders and use them please visit our FAQ.

    When you are using the Steam version you can find a Steam mod installation and activation FAQ here.

    Swedge's Cheeky Bastard Strategy Guide for PR:Arma 2 Beta:
    Read it as a Google Doc here:

    Project Reality: ARMA 2 v0.1 BETA Servers:
    For this BETA release, we will not be publicly releasing any server files. This will ensure that the official servers are populated and therefore will provide us with better overall feedback. Once the BETA has finished, we will open up server license applications as usual.

    The following organizations/communities have kindly agreed to provide servers during the v0.1 BETA test and are classed as the Official PR Servers for the duration of this BETA phase:

    Alpha Networks Official PR v0.1 Beta Test Server [@PR]
    Rusty In Places - Official PR v0.1 Beta Test Server [@PR]
    Tactical Gamer - Official PR v0.1 Beta Test Server [@PR]
    Kellys Heroes - Official PR v0.1 Beta Test Server [@PR]
    TV2 - Official PR v0.1 Beta Test Server [@PR]
    BigD Gaming Community / AEF - Official PR v0.1 Beta Test Server [@PR]

    If you are in the market for a new game server to host Project Reality: ARMA 2, look no further than PR's officially endorsed server provider, Alpha Networks. Alpha Networks will be providing Project Reality:
    ARMA 2 game servers to the public at highly competitive prices, as well as dedicated servers, and first-class customer support.

    Project Reality: ARMA 2 Mod Support:
    If you encounter any problems while installing and/or playing PR:ARMA2, please check out the Project Reality Mod Support forum. If your problem has not already been posted by someone else or is not in the above known bug list, please do not hesitate to start a new thread asking for help. We will do everything we can to provide you with a solution, but we can't do anything if you don't ask first!

    Known Bugs and Issues:
    Over the last 6 months of development, the v0.1 BETA build has undergone extensive testing by our official testing team and as can be expected in a first release, there are already some known bugs. With that said, all players are encouraged to make themselves aware of these known bugs so that they we do not get repetitive bug reports. All currently known bugs are listed in the following forum thread:
    View the Project Reality: ARMA 2 v0.1 BETA Known Bug List

    Credits & Thanks:
    The Project Reality team would like to take a moment to thank those that have assisted us throughout this development cycle and therefore all credits in this release can be found here. PR: ARMA2 v0.1 BETA Credits

    In conclusion, the Project Reality Team would like to extend the usual thanks. First and foremost, Alpha Networks, for providing the Project Reality development team with critical test and build servers. Without their support, PR:ARMA2 v0.1 BETA would likely have never happened. We would also like to thank the entire PR community, the wider ARMA 2 news community and last (but certainty not least!) Bohemia Interactive for supporting Project Reality over the past 12 months.

    We hope you enjoy this release and we look forward to the feedback everyone provides!

    Project Reality would like to thank the following for their work within PR: ARMA2 v0.1
    Bohemia Interactive for their fantastic cooperation whilst we have been working on PR: ARMA2 v0.1 BETA. I think I speak for all the team when I say - its been a real eye opener to see a Company so community focused. I would also like to take the opportunity to say thank you for the agreement we have with BAF, I would encourage all PR Players to download their DLC of BAF for a great gaming experience.

    Third Party:
    Mando - MMA
    Spooner - Various Script work
    CoolBox-SBS - AAS engine
    Dslyecxi - Inspiration for SAHUD

    Retired PR Developers:

    norrin- Continued support in spare time
    [R-CON]NZDF CRASH - Although part of the team, he is a busy Developer elsewhere
    The PR: ARMA2 v0.1 Testing team
    BearBison (PR Tester) - Assistance with Mirror Script
    Lanthan (PR Tester) - Feruz Abad Resistance Mission
    Alpha Networks - As our Official Server Sponsor, for their invaluable continued support.

    Thanks to anyone we've missed who have contributed in some way

    Forum topic:
    - Armaholic forums
    - Project Reality forums

    - Arma 2

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