Coop mission : Arma 2 Free version of Chernarus Apocalypse - Part One by Celery

Celery informed us he released and Arma 2 Free version of his Chernarus Apocalypse - Part One coop mission in the BI forums.

    Quote Celery :
    Most of Chernarus has been overrun by zombies. Shortly after the outbreak began, the world was alerted with an emergency transmission and a quarantine was attempted by the CDF, Russia, NATO and hired professionals. The quarantine failed after 22 hours and all surviving units retreated to protect the capital region except for the Russians who have a long border with Chernarus to the north.

    You are one of the few survivors left in South Zagoria, the ground zero of the outbreak, and have been waiting for a passing ship or other form of help on the eastern shore in vain. Just a moment ago, you picked up a plea for help over the radio requesting assistance at the Olsha hill radio tower. You must go northwest and investigate.

Written on 2011-09-04 06:45 by Celery  

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