Author: Ozzyt109
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 2.1

Short description: This script pack adds multiple support features for the player to use.

Date: 2013-03-17 23:53

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Airfield Support


This script pack adds multiple support features for the player to use.

- Helicopter Transport
- Helicopter Gunships
- CAS(autonomus/JDAM/Strafe)
- Medevac (actual extraction)
- Supply convoy
- Ammo Drop
- Vehicle Drop
- Engineer Support
- Artillery
- Recce's

It also add some squad commands:
- Assault Position
- HC assemble/disassemble CSW's
- Assault house
- Clear Compound

Installation / Usage:
Merge the mission with your own and copy the scripts across

Spawn mode:
In the editor there will be a logic called jetspawn. set the first variable to true to enable spawn mode if there are no other jets.

How To
Use the communication menu(0-8) to access the features. This will open a dialog box, input the required grid (8 figure grid refence), for transport and medevac choose landing type remember green smoke to land red to abort. I tried to make the dialog easy to use.
Most of the squad command is mapclick / cursor point.
Assault position is have the croshairs over a position then execute the command (0-8-2-1) this will initiate the assault, recommend puttion the selected units at the end into engage at will.
Assault house is the same as assault position however you need to have the assaulting party selected before issuing command.
Compound clearing is simlar to assault house
- select assault team
- send order
- map click center of compound
- action menu stack up behind me ( gets every one immediately behind you)
- entry point (red or green) red if member of assault team has satchel charge green if not. point croshairs and entry point and then send action
- breach and clear, send it wait 5 seconds and blow the wall if red, enter the compound via enrty point.
- clear house, point at house and select
- all clear removes all actions

Special note:
the extraction of crew is autonomus just meet up with the crew and use the action request extraction to send a extraction helicopter

I'm not Brilliant at describing what the process is as it has evolved to my requirements so if you have any issues with things not working as they should let me know on the BI forums thread and I will resolve ASAP


Known issues:
stobe landing not fully tested

Credits & Thanks:
Das Attorney
Morten for his dialog tool
SAoK for LOS Scripts
many others for insperation and example scripts that I learned how to use commands from

- added cas strafe
- fixed compound clearance
- modified vehicle drops
- recce based of LOS
- Actual extraction in CASEVAC

- added dialogs
- added spawn mode
- added house assault
- added compound clearing
- organised folder
- bug fixes

Forum topic:
- Armaholic forums
- BI forums

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