Author: Varanon
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Requirements: Arma 2
Island(s): Takistan, Chernarus, Zargabad, Shapur, ProvingGrounds
Playable options: N/A

Version: 1.2

Date: 2012-03-07 19:55

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FHQ Coop Mission Pack #1

Alwarren and Varanon

Welcome to the FHQ Coop mission pack #1. This package contains ten cooperative multiplayermissions for ArmA 2: Operation Arrowhead. All missions work without any addons, although they need Combined Operations (ArmA 2 + Operation Arrowhead) as well as the BAF and PMC downloadable content (they will work with Lite versions).

All of the missions are for 1 to 6 players.

Mission content:
    Zargabad Dawn (Zargabad)
      The Company's headquarter in Zargabad was hit by an artillery strike, killing most of the contractors. As one of the few survivors, you are trying to get out of the city alive. A stealth mission with a sort of "survival horror" type gameplay. No AI team mates.
    Needle in a Haystack (Takistan)
      A US army base in Takistan is tasked destroying a bunch of ammo and weapons caches the insurgents have hidden in the area. Use the UAV to find them and blow them up. This mission is randomly created, with selectable weather, time of day, and multiple possibilities for operational areas.
    Airport Security (Takistan)
      Behind enemy lines, a German KSK team sneaks into Rasman Airport to destroy air defense positions. A stealth mission without AI team mates.
    General Mortars (Takistan)
      As a US Army Rifle Squad, you are tasked with finding and eliminating Takistani Militia mortar teams operating in the area of Kakaru.
    Black Box (Chernarus)
      After a drone was shot down in northern Chernarus in the Petrovka region, a SpecOps team is sent in to retrieve the drone's black box containing intelligence data beforethe Chedaki find it.
    Operation Hesiod (Chernarus)
      Prior to Operation Pandora, the invasion of Chernarus, a Force Recon team is inserted into the harbor of Chernogorsk to destroy a Chedaki radar installation. A stealth mission against an overwhelming OPFOR with a focus on not being detected at all. Don't take too long, or dawn will come and all hope of concealment will be gone. We suggest switching off AI team mates (they will most likely give you away at some point).
    War Criminal (Chernarus)
      British Forces have learned about a Takistani war criminal hiding in Khelm with some Chedaki allies. A team is sent in to bring him in to answer for his crimes.
    Insertion (Chernarus)
      A US Force Recon team is sent to Chernarus' northern shore to laser-paint an artillery site to allow allied planes to bomb it. First, though, the team must disable the air defense to prevent the planes from being shot down.
    Self Service (Shapur)
      Insurgents fighting the Takistani Army have learned of a convoy delivering weapons to one of the Takistani bases in the north. A small team is sent to ambush the convoy and claim the weapons for the resistance. Low-tech mission with mostly iron-sighted guns.
    Fuel (Proving Grounds)
      After World War III, the surviving mankind fights for resources. As member of a large warband, you lead a small team to capture a fuel station from a rival gang. Either assault directly without any heavy weapons, possibly facing mechanized infantry, or try to organize heavy weapons first risking dawn to come before you reach the enemy station.

Copy the .pbo files to your ArmA 2/MPMissions folder. If you want to play them as single player, you also need to copy them to the ArmA 2/missions folder.

Feedback/Bug reports:
We welcome feedback and would like to hear of any bugs you encounter. To contact us, write an email, or send a PM on the BIS forums:
Alwarren: (Alwarren on BIS forum)
Varanon: (Varanon on BIS forum)
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Credits & Thanks:
Missions by Alwarren and Varanon
  • Taskmaster 0.33 by Shuok
  • cly_heal.sqf by Celery
  • CEO_caching by -eutf-Myke

Change log:
  • More fixes
  • Additional mission

  • v1.1
  • Fixes for dedicated server compatibility

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