MBG Killhouses & MBG Cindercity released
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Mondkalb informed us he released his MBG Killhouses and MBG Cindercity addons on the BI forums.
MBG Cindercity adds a new island full of custom-made walkable structures:
  • 4px per 1m² Satmap resolution
  • 4m terrain cell size
  • 2km² size
  • 8 digit grid
  • FTHUD ready
  • Lifesize Copehill Down FIBUA village with authentic structures
  • Mixed with BIS structures
  • All buildings are enterable
  • No dead-end backyards
  • All BIS Modules (ALICE, Silvie, Warfare, etc) work
  • All additional keypoints (FlatArea, FlatAreaCity, etc.) are available
  • All civilian cars on this terrain will have british license plates registered to Brighton...
  • Comes with built-in rainy shitweather.
MBG_Killhouses adds 7 new walkable buildings. These buildings are purpose-built to suit Arma 2. This means floors, doorways, rooms and the overall collision-model have been adjusted to cope well with the current collision-detection. Here is a quick overview of all the building's features:
  • 5 killhouses
  • 1 Shoothouse
  • 1 Big Warehouse
  • Fully functional in Editor and Visitor3/4
  • Highly precise editor-icons for easy alignment
  • Averaging 100 positions per building
  • Several wall-segments (Straight parts, corners, doors, gates, 3m height an 0.8m height.
  • MP-Synchronized door-/gatesounds
  • Breachable doors and wall-segments

Written on 2011-09-10 17:53 by Mondkalb  

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