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Requirements: Operation Arrowhead Standalone
Island(s): Takistan
Playable options: N/A

Version: 0.729 Beta

Date: 2011-11-05 20:38

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A Question Of Perspective


This is a Multiplayer Player versus Player Advance And Secure Mission.

- 68 Players (PvP AAS)
- 3 Factions: BLUFOR, OPFOR, CIVILIANS (Joker-Role)
- 3 Different Interactive Intro-Sequences (OPFOR/Civilian, US Army and German KSK)
- Out of the ordinary deployment (you don't just spawn at the base when you start the mission, you'll be brought to it in different ways through the intro sequences)
- Commander Roles using the great SATView-System with adjustable zoom and vision modes (BLUFOR and OPFOR)
- UAV Control either from the base or UAV Humvee (BLUFOR only)
- Loadable/unloadable and paradropable cargo (ammo crates)
- Ramdomly spawning Takistan Army Ambient Combat AI enemies (Takistani home advantage)
- Interacting Ambient Civilians (giving the CIVILIAN faction the ability to blend-in if not behaving suspicious)
- Automatic AI Base Defences
- Fully functional shooting range
- No Artillery (meaning no more leveling of entire towns and genocide of the ambient AI civilians in towns )
- AAS Flag Capture Zones
- AI Squad Extraction and MedEvac Choppers (can be requested by BLUFOR Squadleaders only)
- Vehicle Driver/Pilot restrictions (crewman or pilot roles required to use)
- Vehicles with abandonment times (ensuring people stick to their roles and don't leave vehicles unattended)
- Not the typical "have it all" assets, no Sir!
- Eastereggs (!) and content that you would usually just find in singleplayer games (such as funny audio conversations, radio broadcasts, music, etc..)
and much more..

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2 Operation Arrowhead\MPMissions folder.

This is mission is "as good as it gets" by this one developer and his abilities. If you find bugs they are likely to be known by the developer. If you're a coder or other digital artist and want to help improve this mission with your talent please contact the developer today! (eMail adress above the screenshots).

Hint for audio eastereggs:
A little hint for some audio eastereggs: hang around the radio in the BLUFOR UAV Hangar and also stand by the BLUFOR airport tower to eavesdrop on another easteregg. Wait till the base defence helicopter is further away before you go there to be able to hear it properly.

  • added Anti-Collision Lights for Aircraft scripts by Combate T├ítico Brasil (scripts-ONLY Version, no add-on required); supported Vehicles are the UH1H Blackhawk, the AH64 Apache, the CH47 Chinook, the AI controlled C130 (emergency landing at mission start) and the AI controlled AH64 Apache base defence helicopter
  • fixed clipping error with a "jumping" AI soldier on a Tank in BLUFOR's Vehicle Repair Area
  • renamed mission to "AAS/PVP 68 A Question Of Perspective" for the mission selection page

  • v0.727
  • Maximum number of players increased to 68 (2 x 31 players BLU- & OPFOR + 6 players CIVILIAN jokers)
  • SF Squad Members can now Teleport to the SF Squad Leader (if he's alive)
  • Added BAF units
  • Unlocked AH-64D (Apache) and Mi-24D (Hind)
  • Weather changes and base modifications

  • v0.722 Beta
  • Viewdistance increased
  • Time of day changed slightly
  • Reduced fog
  • Removed a couple animated units in the BLUFOR base (animations are eff'd-up)
  • Added lighting effects

  • v0.721
  • Fixed reserved nil issue of SATView Trigger (changed nil to nul) - thx to .kju
  • Removed IR strobes from ammo crates
  • Added uplink initialization timer for the OPFOR SATView system

  • Credits & thanks:
    Special thanks to all the dedicated scripters of this great community who I forgot to mention in the opening intro credits!

    Forum topic:
    - BI forums

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