Week report #231
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* Arma 2 - CSLA Studio

    EMSI posted an update about the CSLA Mod on the BI forums.

      Quote EMSI :
      Hi folks,
      the summertime is almost behind us and we have some good news for you ...
      We are still working on a new stuff (and also improving the current), so I'm glad that I may present to you our new vehicle OT-62 Topas ...

      As you probably know, we already closed the ČSLA SP/MP competition 2011.
      We received few missions, so all authors will be rewarded in a short time and their missions will be as a part of the next upcoming patch.

      And yes, we are working also on a short campaign, see the short teaser video!

    - BI Forums

* Arma 2 - RKSL Studios Tornado GR4

    RKSL-Rock showed some new screenshots of the Tornado GR4 cockpit.

      Quote RKSL-Rock:
      Main changes are the HUD projector and a few more finished bits. Its now got the new TARDIS (Tornado Advanced Radar Display Information System) spec HUD box. And the rear seat now has the 12.8" MFD.

    - BI Forums

* Arma 2 - Cold War Rearmed²

    NSX released a new screenshot of the Cobra.

    - BI Forums

* Arma 2 - German Armed Forces

    GalComT posted some screens showing the 2t gl GSI (repairtruck), the 10t gl Ammotruck and the 5t gl KanPal (Fueltruck).

    - BI Forums

* Arma 2 - Invasion 1944

    [APS]Gnat released 2 videos showing some Aircaft Effects which might be added after the version 2.6 release to the planes when the I44 team approves.

      Quote [APS]Gnat :
      Not for 2.6. Later, if the I44 team approves. If all goes well, the plan was to extend all effects to all aircraft.
      Plans include:

      • Left and right wing hit zones - Wing falls off - chance of fire and explosion
      • Engine(s) hit zones - up to 4 specific zones (engines) can be defined - fire and random delayed explosion
      • Fuel tank hit zones- up to 3 specific zones can be defined - fire and random delayed explosion
      • Vert tail hit zones - rudder falls off - loose some control
      • Hort tail hit zones - elevator falls off - loose some control
      • Landing gear hit zones - gear stops working
      • "Camera Shake" on firing weapons, varies with gun types
      • "Camera Shake" on starting engines and landing
      • Barrel flash now only from correct barrel/weapon
      • No more drifting crosshair due to G-force "leaning"
      • Engine doesn't always start first time

    - BI Forums

* Arma 2 - Chechenskaya Respublika

    MugAben informed the community on the BI forums he started working on his new map "Chechenskaya Respublika".

      Quote MugAben :
      I started a new 5x5km project. This map will be green, wild and intense as chechnya is in the summer. Everything/Most will be damaged or destroyed and alot of wild nature in between. I will do what I can to uphold the fine line between perfomance and detail, but lean slighty against performance and AI capeability. Do not exaggerate the enemy numbers on this map my friends, they will get so close in some places and you will get your behinds whopped! There will be dense forest, open plains and mostly a mixture of both somewhere in between.

      With alot of research, backup from my team and interest I came up with a map based on real life terrain and sattelite, from somewhere in chechnya. I think its a new see to the Arma islands, I dont remember anyone trying to make something from this region before. If im wrong then well, heres another one.!

    - BI Forums

* Arma 2 - Taviana Island

    -Martin- posted an update about the next version of the Taviana Island.

      Quote -Martin- :
      So I'm back after two weeks of work, with very good news for the first update since I released the Alpha version last month.
      The following bugs have been fixed/features added:
      • "Config: "names" array does not have 3 entries" error is now fixed!
      • Snow has been added on to the mountains
      • 2 new towns have been added
      • Highway to the North started
      • Wind farm has been added

      Plan for the next week or two
      • Add one more town with a castle
      • Add a big swamp
      • Finish the highway to the north
      • inish the entire North

    - BI Forums

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