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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 0.5

Short description: a very basic and simple script to switch pictures on a projector screen mid game.

Date: 2011-09-25 16:00

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16AA Briefing Map Screen Script


For one of my missions I wanted to do an in game briefing with my MilSim unit. For this we needed to show pictures/maps in game and I always felt that 1 picture wasn't enough. So I came up with a very basic and simple script to switch between “pictures” mid game, made it MP Compatible and it works good so far.

This script could be useful for anyone who wishes to do in game briefings, showing detailed maps or intel pictures of enemy positions. It's been laying around for a good few months now and I figured I could as well share it with the community in hopes that someone would find a good use for it.

- Change a picture on a sign mid game for ingame briefings
- Switch back to previouse picture
- MP Compatible
- Enable or disable mid game (planned)

Installation / Usage:
- place the following line in your init.sqf; execVM "intel\Intel_init.sqf";
If no init.sqf file avaible in your mission folder create a new one or uses the one provided in template.
- Copy the folder intel over to your mission folder.
- Place a projecter Screen (Copy over from Demo Mission) called Sign_1 in the editor. This is the screen used for the pictures.
- Place a object (any kind) called map_1 in the editor, this is where your action menu options appear. You can change the object for your action menu to the same as the screen, by simply renaming in the Intel_Init.sqf file.
- Hit preview, Walk up to the object called which you called map_1 and see the options appear in your action menu.
- Select any of the options and look at the Screen. The picture should now have been changed to whatever you selected.
- You can change the picture to anything you like or expand the amount of pictures shown by simply adding more add actions and .sqf files in the script folder. Of course don't forget the pictures in the Pictures folder, both are located in the intel folder.


Credits & Thanks:
Beta testing and contributions by 16AA

Change log:
- first beta version Release

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