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Version: 2.0

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Date: 2007-06-28 15:47

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SLA Weapon pack

I worked some months on a weapon Pack for the SLA troops and now I release the addon to the public.

Extract to your ArmA\Addons folder.
Or, as we always recommend, use a mod folder to activate this addon when you want and to keep your arma install clean.
If you dont know how to use mod folders have a look at our FAQ.

Included files:

    - AS Val
    - AS Val+kobra
    - Bizon
    - Bizon+kobra
    - Bizon SD
    - Bizon SD+kobra
    - SA-61
    - VSK-94
    - VSS
    - OSV-96
- initial release

-new sounds for as val, vss, sa61
-a little more brightly the color Textur (_co) for as val, vss, vsk94
-All weapons have now one normal-map (_nohq)
-Weapon Box

Thanks and credits:
I would like to thank you I Shadow NX (RSH) and the beta tester for their support. The whole is based on the work of Solus and its SLX Pack.

- AS_VAL base model by Sniper Skull, modified and textured by Tiger
- Bizon2 model and texture by Tiger
- Bizon3 model and texture by Tiger
- Kobra model and texture by Tiger
- VSK94 model and texture by Tiger
- VSS base model by Sniper Skull, modified and textured by Tiger
- OSV96 base model by Rusniper, later modified and textured by DPS (RHS)
- This is an OFP to Arma conversion
- SA-61 model by Ettubrutesbro, textures by Millenia (recolor by Futon), a CSS to Arma conversion

    - Mr. Burns
    - DVD
    - AL Simmons
    - SWAT
    - HappyErnst
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