US Army OCP by Sabre updated
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Sabre released an updated version of his US Army (OCP) units on the BI forums.
Also a replacement made by Humvee28 replacing the OA US Army units is available.

    Quote Sabre :
    Had bits of a Multicam US Army reskin laying around for ages, decided to touch some of it up and put them out.

    They are reskins of the OA guys so there gear isn't 100% correct anymore compared to the current day US Army in Afghanistan, but they do an alright job at it.

    They work with both ACE and Vanilla.

    • Nordin fixed some config issues, fixing the missing AT soldiers and the Blood/Wounded Textures.
    • Now found under US > Men (OCP) and US Army > Men (OCP) For ACE users to suite the existing ArmA2 structure.

Written on 2011-10-13 08:56 by sabreaus  

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