Advertisement interviews Marek
General released a new interview with Marek Spanel and also 3 new screens.
Although it was originally released in Czech VojtzechGamer was kind enough to translate it for us into English and post the translated interview in our forums.

What brought you to the start of making this expansion and will it bring us just few addons or can we except more?

   The impulse to make expansion was from our sponsors. And on the other side we hope that this expansion will bring new players to our game.........

For how long you work are you already working on Queens gambit?

   From beginning of this year.

The new units are not much popular in the community, it looks like that are the old units only with little changes with textures and models.
Don’t you think it’s only little bit for expansion?

   Units on the screens are form campaign made by Black Element Software and I don’t think that there are only a few changes. We can compare it to the OFP Gold upgrade(Red Hammer) But except of Red Hammer QG will add something for community like that new island and some new units and vehicles.
Also make sure to visit our "Queen gambit gallery".

Written on 2007-06-27 15:28 by Foxhound  

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