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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 2.15

Short description: This script allows the player (and AI) to make a parachute jump, like it happens in real life.

Date: 2012-11-09 16:22

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Realistic Paradrop


This script allows the player (and AI) to make a parachute jump, like it happens in real life.
Supported airplanes:
    - C-130
    - AN-72
    - IL-76

Installation / Usage:
Full instructions how to use this script are included in the archive.

Option "From Cargo to Jump Position" works ONLY in SP.


- Added: Detailed ReadME.
- Added: New option for group leaders (All info in ReadMe).
- Fixed: Units in cargo stay alive even if plane was destroyed.

- Added: "In sea" check (If the unit landed in the sea, he would no longer "fall to the ground.).
- Fixed: In MP (if plane not local to player) option "Prepare for jump" can cause bug when player stuck in cargo seat.

- Added: Fall to the ground on landing (without ACE)
- Small fixes and improvements

- Fixed: The player could be killed with a sharp turn of the airplane in multiplayer.
- Added: Additional scripts for switching between cargo and jump positions and manual ramp control for C-130 (Demo mission - Onboard.Utes).

- Fixed: Animation jerking, when player jumps out from plane
- Improved: Free fall control

- Added: Option for steerable parachute from BIS (all info in readme)
- Added: Different HALO animations during free fall

- Fixed: Unit can die during paradrop in multiplayer.

- Changed: Script works in MP.
- Changed: Altimeter can be disabled.

- Added: Full ACE support (AI Paradrop impossible without parachutes. Player can jump out, but this is suicide)
- Added: "From cargo seat to jump position" (now Loadgroup.sqf work correct if group loaded in plane as cargo)
- Added: Altitude and Speed indicator now disappear after parachute opening
- Added: Second example mission (Take off from airstrip, changing course, preparing for jump, and jump)
- Changed: Group can be loaded in plane with Loadgroup.sqf even if plane stay on airstrip and has zero speed.
- Changed: PlaneRamp.sqf now works "in both sides"(First run - ramp will be opened. Second run - ramp will be closed. Third run - will be opened again, etc.)

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