DevCon - the developer console by kju updated

kju released an updated version of his DevCon console on the BI forums.

    Quote kju :
    The 2012-02-06 has been released.
    See the roadmap for the changes and read the tickets for details/howTo activate the given features.
    Below is a demo video of the "Position accuracy of AI Debugging ":

    • If UnitToDebug is in a vehicle, the knowsAbout and type is not shown.
    • Show perceived position of UnitToDebug as map marker.
    • Make it possible to mute all sound via key shortcuts.
    • Make complete player group beamed on map click when holding shift/ctrl/alt while clicking.
    • Make DevCon compatible to TKOH.

Written on 2012-02-06 16:09 by Foxhound  

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