Author: Celery
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Requirements: Arma 2
Island(s): Chernarus
Playable options: N/A

Version: 0.9b

Date: 2011-10-23 11:41

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Infection: Chernarus


A zombie apocalypse is about to sweep over Chernarus. All it takes is one little zombie that gets through the quarantine and starts infecting people. This is the story of one such occurrence.

The mission starts with one zombie against everyone else. Every dead survivor will respawn as a zombie, and their new task is to kill their former comrades. The mission ends when time is up or everyone has turned into a zombie. The original zombie always kills on the first hit, the others need two.

  • The mission supports both Arma 2 only and Combined Operations; the weapons differ depending on the game
  • Addon-free but convincing player-controlled zombies
  • Zombies can jump, moan and see in the dark
  • Each survivor looks different and has a different weapon
  • Custom healing script with unlimited bandages
  • Pistols are accurate
  • 21 locations to choose from
  • Different weather and time settings

  • Installation:
    Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2 Operation Arrowhead\MPMissions folder.

    Credits & thanks:
    Mission and scripts: Celery
    Noises and screams: Thief II: The Metal Age and

    Forum topic:
    - BI forums

    - Arma 2

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    Tags: Survive,   Zombies