WIP Report - Roadside clutter and bomb script
Work in progress

TankbusterSPAFF posted a new update on our forums about his roadside clutter project.

    Quote :
    Another update, with many of the planned features working. There used to be 3 sizes of IED, now there's only 2.
    For testing purposes, the small IEDs are always hidden in red barrels. They are nominally pressure plate activated, but in reality theres a 3m trigger that goes off if a player enters it without crawling. Aircraft don't set it off, but vehicles do.

    The IED can be 'disrupted' using a satchel. They'll be a proper water jet disruptor object addon soon.
    This is the locally hosted version. Because of the way it's been written, it doesn't yet work in a server environment, but I hope to fix that soon.

You can find more info and leave your feedback in the roadside clutter and bomb script wip topic.

Written on 2011-11-05 12:27 by TankbusterSPAFF  

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