Author: shay_gman
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Requirements: Community Base Addons

Version: 11
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: In this 2MB addon you'll find the power to create, control, alter and spice your missions on the run.

Date: 2012-10-02 18:40

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Mission Control Center Sandbox 2 - MOD Version

Shay Gman & Spirit & Ollem

It is freedom. In this 2MB addon you'll find the power to create, control, alter and spice your missions on the run. You'll have the power to change and surprise your friends every time you'll play. You can use it a mainframe for mission making, as a strain test tool for mission making or even as a cheat tool for SP.

You'll get a 3D editor, box generator, time control, weather control, fog control, you'll spawn enemy or friendly units asking them to patrol a zone or ambush the players, you'll call for paratroops, create IED, suicide bombers, hostile civilians, place ambushes, call a UAV, a ULB, place a hostage, call for more then 10 types of artillery and CAS missions to aid your friend or to harm them, create triggers, play music or sound, create briefings, tasks, markers, spawn an LHD , spawn some vehicles on it, call for evac, start a HALO and much much much more. You'll be able to save it and load it on later on the run.

As Spirit put it in his own words:
MCC is a dynamic, real time, in-game mission-creation tool. It enables people to build missions on-the-fly whilst in game and change mission parameters to match the reactions of progress of the players.
MCC is capable of "saving" a mission and load it up on the server without using any FTP but by simple use of the clipboard. This means missions can be created out of the dedicated server and loaded up to play.
From inside the mission, you can open a mission making interface that allows you place units on the map, create waypoints and briefing markers, call in CAS missions, artillery, support or whatever you feel like, the possibilities are endless.
MCC is used to create both Coop and PVP missions. Its capable of using respawn on and off, including providing a spectator script.

MCC makes use of a mission maker. Only one person at a time is capable of creating or interfering with the mission by login in to the mission making tool. That person is also capable of logging out again and giving somebody else a go on mission making. That way you don't need to distribute admin access for players to make or manage their missions.

MCC is a mod, it's required CBA for it to work. Just drop the @mcc_sandbox folder in the ArmA folder and use a launcher or the BIS addon selecting tool to run it. Place the bikey file in the keys folder.
ACE is strongly recommended as some features are exclusive to ACE, but MCC will work without it.

As we always recommend use modfolders to seperate the custom content from the official game content to prevent problems. For different ways to set up your modfolders and use them please visit our FAQ.

When you are using the Steam version you can find a Steam mod installation and activation FAQ here.

This addon is required to be installed server sided as well!

Included .pbo files:

Well once you'll start a mission, any mission you'll have mission generator action in the action menu. Just click it.

You can find the manual here.

Tutorial video links: - ArmA2 MCC Sandbox Tutorial 1 by shay_gman - Tutorial by Zdiddy - Tutorial part 1 - Tutorial part 2 - Tutorial part 3 - Tutorial part 4 - IED module tutorial - Constuction module tutorial - High Command tutorial - Some features - Som more features


Credits & Thanks:
Did you guys make all of this yourself?
No, by all means we would be totally grey an bold. We used, with permission, a lot of good content from the community. We also used a lot of work from our self of course. Initially this project was started by Spirit and slowly went into combined effort with me. As said before I'm standing on the shoulders of giants.

So thanks:
1. Monsada, for his UPSMON script.
2. Mandoble, for his heliroute script.
3. Tuskan Raider, for his Arresting gear script.
4. Bon for his Advanced Artillery Request script.
5. DTM2801 for his Convoy Control Script.
6. TiGGA for his ILS Pro II.
7. iOnOs for his RTE.
8. Sickboy, Vking without them there was no MCC.
9. BIS
11. An endless list of people we forgot

- Load/save mission config changed to allow restore in latest 1.62 beta's
(To Do: writing config to arma logfile in case dedicated server config should be saved)
- automatic Suunto open/close for both HALO paradrops if AceEnabled
- automatic viewdistance increase/reduction during HALO jump
- old mcc config (based on mod) should load successfully too
- HALO parastart -> up to 18 SF should fit in C130 now
- jumpmaster for HALO Parastart
- Gunrun improved - should work in most cases now
- Gunrun works for nearly all CAS planes/choppers now
- Unitmanagement Paradrop/HALO will drop 1 or 2 Zodiacs if the LZ it over water.
- 2 new 'logic modules':
1st module: allows to disable Teleport at start: if placed units will not be auto teleported to start location - which is usefull in case of combination of pre-edited mission file which e.g. places sniper team already at right location.
2nd module: when placed will always enable Teleport To Team - usefull for training missions
- modified the SF dependent code to be more flexible: any unit who's name starts with sf.. is considered SF (so now even SF20 is considered SF. (and same for UnderCover: any unit who's name starts with UC..)
- included option to have HALO start location based on sync to MCC SF module rather then being dependent on only name.
- Headless Client support: zones, UPSMON, 3d editor, FPS display
- Finally found a way to completely get rid of nearly all the STR_DOC error messages in the rpt
- MCC GUI shows feedback current mission date and time
- MCC GUI shows feedback current viewdstance

Group Generator:
- Mission maker stuck on Group's Generator screen sometimes.
- Markers are no longer visible for others then the mission maker.

HALO & Paratroop:
- Players will no longer stuck on parachuting animation once on the ground.
- Player will no longer take damage on SF HALO once teleported to the plane.

- Added to Mission maker console DPICM and Laser guided bombs.
- Fixed Bon artillery from MCC handheld console wasn't working on dedicated servers.

- Fixed spawning convoy with an HVT wasn't working.
- Optimized the convoy script to have much higher success rate.

- Fixed spawning Hellfire AH-64 instead of the Sidewinders version.

- Fixed the error appear once a zone was created or updated in any other menu then the first.

- Fixed concoy won't shoot
- Convoy behavior changed, less failure chance
- Added: support for RH M4 weapons in silencer script

- Fixed Evac not landing on smoke
- Fixed Evac not returning to LHD
- Fixed Evac will land on the LHD start position and not in the middle of the runway
- Added: LHD elevator inspired by Charles Darwin
- Added: LHD start position for players
- Added: LHD markers when spawned
- Added: Rotate zone - By Ollem
- Added: Patrol zones - By Ollem - AI will patrol randomly between the WP in this zone
- Added: Respawn zones - By Ollem - AI will keep respawning in the zone after they have died constatly or for limted times
- Removed: LHD teleport to sea level and back, use the eleveator to get down to the sea level.

- Updated PDF manual.
- Fixed CAS plane tend to stay after the CAS mission.
- Garrison - force units to stand up in the buildings.
- Enabled ACE AI wounds.
- Added IED can be detonated by ACE C4, satchel charge or M109 Anti-material rife.
- Added Waypoints and group generator.
- Added unit managment para jump or HALO based on the idea of realistic paradrop by DAP.
- Added placing the MCC access module will disable access to MCC for all players but: Admins, unit synced and player's name list.
- Added MCC Console (classname MCC_Console) buy picking this item the player will have limit access to CAS,Airdrops, Evac chopper, artillery and UAV - all depends on the mission maker will.
- Added silencer script for BAF/UKF weapons

- Fixed saving
- Added evac option for free landing (AI will land on empty space next to the LZ)
- Added evac smoke landing. Mark your LZ with smoke for precise landing.

- Fixed Bon artillery wasn't working. You'll need either Laserdesignator or Vector21 to acess it.
- Added Gun Run short and long again (thanks to Ollem) will only work on AH1, AH64, A-10 might won't work depends on the AI approch.
- Added Recruitable preset on 3D editor. You can recruit units that had that preset.
- Fixed config.cpp so it won't colide with other mods.

Updated Manual.

-Fixed ACE cas wasn't working.
-Added Helicopters as CAS.
-A-10 gun run stoped working, replaced with Seek And Destroy command. The aircraft will engage any hostile unit for a short period of time
before exfiling.
-Aircraft crew are now reltive to the vehicle and not civilians.
-Each CAS will spawn two aircraft in formation instead of one (thought it will be more realistic).
-New UI for calling CAS. Drag and hold left mouse button across the map to paint the CAS area and approach.

-Fix disabling IED to work with or without ACE.
- Disabling IED will disable vehicles and also cause infantry to black out

Unit Managment Fixed Wing Transpot:
-Made the transaction to HALO jump or regular jump more smooth.

-Added ACE EASA to the 3D editor.

-Added game logic "mcc SF" syncronize unit to it to add the "attach/detach weapon's silencer" action to the synced units.
-Added game logic "mcc UC" syncronize unit to it to mark the synced units as undercover agents.

Added a module (logic 2d editor) to restrict player and/or roles access to MCC. (MCC is normally open which means it will run for all if you didn't restrict it.}

Since mission version:
- Removed F2 and ACE dependency.
- Work with any SP or MP mission out there.If you want to control respawn through MCC just add this to description.ext file:
respawn = "BASE";
respawndelay = 4;

-Bon Artillery: You'll need to have either SOLFRAM or Rangefinder to have access to the FO interface. You'll no longer need a long range radio.
-Paramters: All lobby parmaers moved to mission settings button on menu 1. Define them before building the mission.
- AI Skill set: You can now set the AI skill in game.
- Defaul BIS behavior: you can spawn units without UPSMON taking over them using default BIS's spawn beahvior.
- If you want your unit to have the Special Forces scripts (HALO and Silencer for guns and handguns) name them sf1 to sf12 in the 2D editor.
- If you want your unit to have the Undercover agents scripts (Weapon holster and Sneak around) name them uc1 to uc12 in the 2D editor.
- UAV: side is based on the caller and not on the UAV vehicle side.
- IED: The disarm IED action is much more noticable and will highlight easy when getting close to any IED.
- IED: The check if unit is an engineer is done through the config file and not through class type so now it's compatiable with any mod out there
that define units as engineers.
- IED:Somtimes deadly IED would explode without making damage - fixed
- IED:The safe speed to approach a pressure plate IED changed from slow prone to slow crouch.
- IED: Added spotters option to trigger type: you can sync spoter to radio triggered IED while the spotter is alive the IED will go off
no matter how slow you'll aproch it.
- IED: Spotters can be either civilians or guille suit units. Civilians will act as armed civilans if they approched.
- LHD: Is now spawned by mapclicking. No prior configurations.
- LHD: Added steam catapult for havier aircrafts takeoffs. Know issue: might cause over G while using ACE and trying to launch the AV8B Harrier
- LHD: ACE Exchange Armament System will be added if ACE mod is detected.
- HALO jump: with or without ACE for SF.
- HALO jump: will remove players GPS/map before the jump and add them after they land.
- UM Paradrop: fixed as some players didn't get the jump.
- UM Paradrop: Added HALO or regular parajump option.
- EVAC: will spawn by default on the LHD if present if not it will spawn on the start location. Ofc you can always relocate it.
- EVAC: helicopter crew and side are defined by the config of the vehicle and not hardcoded for more generic use.

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- BI forums

- Community Base Addons

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