SP & Coop missions by RunQWist

RunQWist released this pack containing two missions in the BI forums.

    Quote RunQWist :
  • Operation Silent Wolves:
      Night-time mission, played with a force reconnaissance group. Your mission is to steal locate and steal a suitcase from the village of Gorka. Location of the suitcase is unknown but it can be revealed by searching general DIMITRI SOKOLOV's pockets. US Intelligence believes SOKOLOV runs the local guerilla attacks from Gorka.

  • Strike at Grishino:
      Simple sabotage mission. Fire Team BRAVO is ordered to blow up a rocket launcher truck at Grishino. First your group has to locate the Russian radio camp. Once there, you order the truck to move into the village of Grishino. Destroy it using satchel charges. Enemies have possible mortar support.

Written on 2011-11-11 11:14 by RunQWist  

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