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Requirements: Arma 2

Version: 1.1 Beta
Signed: Yes

Short description: This map is 20x20 Kms, based upon Kunar Province in Afghanistan.

Date: 2012-02-14 20:43

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Minimalaco & Robster

This map is 20x20 Kms. Based upon Kunar Province in Afghanistan, but this one deploys different structures that don't belong to the real area and we added them just to bring them for the sake of joy, therefore if you see a five floors building over there don`t be surprise hehehe

- An airport at (very) extreme south of map (Automatic landing is OK, but IA taxiways is still pending)
- Main valley at north, where most of structures are found and a river (walkable)
- 3 valleys going south from main valley
- Road network everywhere, drive carefully in mountains roads.
- 5-6 little FOBs in the middle of the mountains, some of them just for infantry, and 3 left for heli ops.
- Several villages in mountain areas.
- River going down from a higher valley (not finished yet, perhaps in a future update, it wasn't priority right now).
- Many interesting zones for some good ol'dirty firefights between mountanis

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Included .pbo files:

Future plans:
populate with plantations and villages most part of north main valley
change trees in some areas to keep it not so tedious
add 8-12 little mountain villages
Custom sounds according to different zones and heights
Add mountain horizon over 360 degrees view
Adjust and peform better masks for grounds and clutter
Add some tips or suggestions provided by community
Keeping to pay attention to more details...

Known issues:
When loading map in editor appears a warning about “wall3.p3d” (config.bin error inside razmisc pbo: correct name would be “wall_3.p3d”), if Opteryx give us permission to modify that in pbo, it should dessapear in our next release. Anyways, it isn't really a major problem nor it doesn't gives any trouble ingame, since this particular object wasn't used.

This one was suppoused to become Korengal Valley, and by the time I started with this project I didn't know that Ebanks was working over there... till Mini told me, so we decided to keep going with a slightly different idea in mind
Thus, Pech Valley was expanded by 20x to open space for our Clafghan north valley.
Former heights were reduced to comply with ArmA specs
An airport wasn't there when beginning, so do not bother saying it is remarkably outplaced... since it is indeed


Credits & Thanks:
Columdrum for his sloped ponds and Randy Stratton for providing this concept
Mikebart for his excelent vegetation and rocks
Opteryx, for his permission to use his ArmA objects
Homer Johnston for his Roadpainter
Danielle Pistollato AKA Shezan74 for his World Tools
Bushlurker, Mondkalb, Mikero, Kinno and Icebreakr for providing us with constant advice and help
Redloto, Guyo y Spets from
And everyone at BIS for providing us with such creative engine and endless hours of excitement
Also we have to thank to all guys from =TFB= Task Forces Blackjack for their closer support and ideas dealing with building some areas (to be included in final release)

v1.1 beta
FIXED - Grid system
REMOVED - Medical tent at Camp Branca, so mission makers can setup their own
- Airport taxiways by Bushlurker
- SILVIE & ALICE (expansion)
- OA Mountain Horizon & Overcast
- Scene Intro by Tupolov

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- BI forums

- Arma 2

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