Author: Colosseum
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Requirements: Arma 2, Island Lingor, MBG Buildings 2, Ibr Plants, Lingor Units
Island(s): Island Lingor
Playable options: N/A

Version: Beta 1.2a

Date: 2011-11-14 08:24

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Lingor Survival


This is a cooperative zombie mission akin to Chernarus Apocalypse, but set on Lingor.

The players can choose to fuel up an An-2 at the Sargentas airport (which requires the Pilot as part of the team), or they can just venture to the safe zone on foot. If the latter option is selected, the mission will involve almost 60% of Lingor's usable territory.

  • Addon-free but convincing zombies
  • Player characters have unique equipment
  • Custom healing script with shareable bandages
  • Zombies may drop bandages and magazines
  • Pistols are accurate
  • Selectable friendly fire damage rate
  • JIP players start close to the group
  • Character gear, bandages and damage are saved in case a player disconnects
  • Spectator mode after death
  • You can continue the game after dying by picking a new character slot

  • Installation:
    Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2 Operation Arrowhead\MPMissions folder.

    This is a beta. Please report any problems you encounter! I'd really appreciate feedback on whether or not the mission is even fun.

    v1.2a Beta
  • Changed the Pilot from a standard US Pilot to a US Pilot (light)
  • Changed the starting boat back to a PBX
  • Reduced the fuel in the starting boat by 50%
  • Added 3 boat markers so players will have to search for the boat
  • Landing the An-2 at the Conoteta Island airport will now win the mission
  • Disabled saving
  • Removed some vehicles that unbalanced gameplay
  • Added more large concentrations of zombies
  • Removed extra zombie spawns in towns

  • v1.1 Beta
  • Made the starting boat spawn at one of three random locations
  • Markers placed in-game by players are now visible to the entire group
  • Incorporated Celery's GPS system (players with GPS maps can see the other players on it)
  • Changed the starting boat from a PBX to a small civilian pleasure craft
  • Guerrilla has a custom diary with cache/vehicle locations and coordinates instead of markers
  • Replaced broken horde notification markers with generic "danger" zones
  • Removed aviation fuel markers; players are advised to search likely areas for the fuel truck

  • Credits & thanks:
    Scripts (and basically everything, most of what I did is totally derivative): Celery
    Apocalypse series concept: Zipper5 and Celery
    Noises and screams: Thief II: The Metal Age and
    Lingor: IceBreakr

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    - BI forums

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    - MBG Buildings 2
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    - Ibr Plants

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