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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 2.0
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: This contains deployable vehicle and sniper camo nets (with Backpacks).

Date: 2012-12-01 10:03

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Deployable Camo Nets


This addon adds new camo nets in different versions - Inventory sniper/FO nets (new in v2.0), Backpack sniper/FO nets, and vehicle nets. All nets are located under Empty > Camo Nets. The sniper camo nets come in two sizes and can be deployed via new backpacks. The new sniper inventory nets are available in ammo crates (Ammo > Camo Nets). A script is included to allow mission makers to equip any vehicle with deployable camo nets. A script is also included for the sniper camo nets to help scripted deployment scenarios (pre-populate map with nets).

- Two different camo net patterns - The woven net pattern (WW2 M.A.S.H. style) called "East", and the modern waffle style called "West". This addon contains a total of 792 different net/color combinations!
- Sniper/FO nets
- Vehicle nets
- 24 camo patterns/colors are implemented for each net design:
    // CDF Woodland Camo
    // CDF Desert Camo
    // Nato Green Net
    // Nato Tan Net
    // Cadpat
    // Desert Storm
    // DPM Desert
    // Flecktarn
    // Flecktarn Desert
    // Rus Desert Camo
    // Rus Forest Camo
    // AOR Forest
    // ATACS Forest
    // ATACS Desert
    // DPM Forest
    // MARPAT
    // Multicam
    // Snow
    // Spec
    // SURPAT
    // Woodland
    // Nogovan Oak
    // Lingor Jungle
    // Duala Brown

As we always recommend use modfolders to seperate the custom content from the official game content to prevent problems. For different ways to set up your modfolders and use them please visit our FAQ.

When you are using the Steam version you can find a Steam mod installation and activation FAQ here.

Included .pbo files:

1. Add this to the vehicle's init line in the editor:
this setVariable ["vehicle_camonetDeployed", false, true];
this addAction ["Deploy Camo Net", "camonetvehicle.sqf", ["Deploy"], 51, false, 
true, "", "!(_target getVariable 'vehicle_camonetDeployed')"];
this addAction ["Stow Camo Net", "camonetvehicle.sqf", ["Stow"], 50, false,
true, "", "(_target getVariable 'vehicle_camonetDeployed')"];
2. Edit the THREE (3) lines marked in the script with any other type of net you desire. Use the net types listed at the bottom of this readme document.
3. Save and copy the script into the mission folder.

Classnames are in the readme!

How to make this work with ACE units:
- Explanation by [KH]Jman

Known issues:
- The nets can be driven through without damaging the net. This was done to facilitate artillery and directed fire units, and also to avoid deployment issues that sometimes occur (nets on top of vehicles, nets being destroyed when spawned, etc).

Credits & Thanks:
Thanks to BIS for ARMA2!
Vehicle deployment script modfied from sxp2high's example posted in BIS forums.
Mod by hcpookie
Credit to R0adki11 for Nogovan Oak!
Credit to IceBreakr for Lingor, Duala camos!

- New: Inventory-item selectable sniper/FO nets found in new category:
- Ammo > Camo Nets (inventory: East 2-man) Crate
- Ammo > Camo Nets (inventory: West 2-man) Crate
- Ammo > Camo Nets (inventory: East 3-man) Crate
- Ammo > Camo Nets (inventory: West 3-man) Crate

- New: MH6 Littlebird camo nets
- New: Lingor and Duala net textures (textures credit to IceBreakr)
- Update: Another editor class reorganization to keep things sorted better. Editor Classes arranged by pattern (East/West):
- Empty > Camo Nets: Heli
- Empty > Camo Nets: Aircraft
- Empty > Camo Nets: Camo Nets - Sniper (2 Man)
- Empty > Camo Nets: Camo Nets - Sniper (3 Man)
- Empty > Camo Nets: Backpacks
- Empty > Camo Nets: Ground Vehicles (Med - APC Sized)
- Empty > Camo Nets: Ground Vehicles (Lg - Tank Sized)
- Empty > Camo Nets: Ground Vehicles (XL - Truck Sized)
- Fix: Some nets were incorrectly listed as different versions

- Nogovan Oak Camo pattern for nets (credit RoadKill)
- Fix: Detection by enemy AI is significantly reduced by the nets. This should enhance sniper team survivability against AI patrols.
- Requirements for nets to work against AI detection:
- You MUST remain prone. AI can detect you when crouched.
- Your weapon must be inside the net. Barrels sticking through the net may be detected. "Inside" from the front means behind the overhang. The overhanging section goes all the way to the ground on the AI detection LOD (View Geometry LOD) in the models. So from the AI's perspective, the nets are a solid object all the way around.
- Your body must remain motionless. Head-only movements were not detectable by the AI during my testing. (Only more testing can confirm this).
- Since your body must remain motionless, your AI squad members may be susceptible to detection depending on the circumstances (for example if the AI squad member were to "turn to" the enemy, they could be detected).
- Note that the nets will reduce enemy AI detection, but may not completely eliminate it. As in real life, the nets are concealment, not cover, and you may still be detectable.

- New: Aircraft and helicopter vehicle nets.
- New: Additional Camo Patterns (listed above).
- New: Improved 3D models for sniper camo nets (small and medium) to further enhance AI detection avoidance.
- Update: Editor class reorganization to keep things sorted better. Editor Classes:
- Empty > Camo Nets: Soldier
- Empty > Camo Nets: Backpacks
- Empty > Camo Nets: Ground Vehicles
- Empty > Camo Nets: Heli
- Empty > Camo Nets: Aircraft
- Pending: Nogovan Oak Camo is currently using the Woodland camo texture. A Nogovan Oak texture will be added in the next release.

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- BI forums

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