TexView 2 released


Maruk : TexView 2 was updated in order to be able to import jpg correctly.

If you have previous version, I recommend to reinstall it using the most recent version.


As we already reported last week its time for the tools to be released to the public.

BIS has taken the first step and today they have released TexView 2 in the BI community wiki .

TexView 2 is a texture viewer and conversion tool for .paa and .pac files. For batch/command line operations use Pal2PacE instead (included in TexView2 release). See Armed Assault: Texture Naming Rules for more information about the conversion process.

Maruk :Other tools are in the testing/approval process: not exact release dates are set but we expect to be releasing tools on regular basis in the coming weeks. I will keep you updated if anything changed.

Download this first official Armed Assault editing tool from our editing download section

Written on 2007-07-03 16:10 by Foxhound  

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