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Requirements: Arma 2

Version: 1.1 update
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: Moschnyi is the southernmost Chernarussian territory.

Date: 2012-10-03 10:58

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GSEP Moschnyi Island

The Green Sea Expansion Project

Moschnyi is the southern most Chernarussian territory. It is an island located east of Novigrad and south of Primorsk. The southern coast has been pummeled by wind and rough seas for centuries leaving a slowly receeding cliff face lining the coast. The grounds above the cliffs contain only bushes and grass due to the brutal winds from the south. There are no trees until one reaches the northern side of the island where the slow descent to the northern coast shields trees from the wind. There are few crops that grow on the grounds of Moschnyi but the open fields are commonly grazed by domesticated animals including, sheep, cows, and goat.

Two bays, the old harbor in the town of Moschnyi and the new harbor in Novakvice can be found along the northern coast. Additionally, a ferry on the north-west coast near the town of Moschnyi links the island to the mainland across the Strait of Moschnyi.

The two main towns on the island are Moschnyi and Novakvice. Smaller towns include Lipnice, Murnice, and Kyslin. Moschnyi has both the only fuel station and only large market on the island. Novakvice is the newer port and has better facilities for bigger ships due to the proximity of the mine on the eastern edge of town. Kyslin, Murnice, and Lipnice contain mostly open fields on their non-coastal perimeters and the majority of this land is used for the grazing domesticated animals. Water and power on Moschnyi are provided by the mainland and are connected to Moschnyi via underwater cables and pipes that lead to the utilities station to the west of the ferry terminal. Governor Banik of the Novigrad District maintains a residence on the northern coast between Moschnyi and Kyslin. The islands only other notable figure is Mstislav Skala, owner of a large transportation company both on the island and throughout the rest of Chernarus with a few warehouses in Takistan, Russia, and Ardistan. He is a suspected member, and possibly key figure, of the Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star.

There are no military bases located on the island but there is a small military base across the strait. Additionally, alert 5 fighters from Novigrad are estimated to be able to reach the island in about 10 minutes.

Airfield Information:
Runs East to West
Aircraft capable of landing: All ArmA II and OA aircraft
Aircraft capable of taking off: All except A-10
C-130 hits the beach after the runway but manages to make it into the air.
Su-25 barely makes it
L-39Z makes it just a bit better than the Su-25

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Credits & Thanks:
Special thanks for their guidance on the forum goes to:
Bohemia Interactive for the game engine(s) that I have enjoyed for nearly a decade now.
Sgt. Ace for his tutorial
Bushlurker for his help and tutorial
CameronMcDonald for the menu image and template

v1.1 update
- signed and included bikey
- some changes probably

- Minor adjustments to Sat and Mask
- Added Emergency Airfield and Small Militia Garrison
- Added more fences and walls around fields
- Removed some problematic objects from problematic places
- New Menu Image by CameronMcDonald

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