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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 0.3 alpha

Short description: Road Painter 2 generates dumb objects.

Date: 2012-05-26 09:48

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Road Painter 2

Homer Johnston

Road Painter 1 produced a file which you could import in Visitor using "road networks". Road Painter 2 generates dumb objects, the same as houses and fences - quite a drastic difference.
I eventually abandoned the Road Painter 1 project because it gave me so many limitations (and because I didn't quite have enough experience to code something as complex)... this rewrite gives me more freedom.

1) Move the included folder, "_Road_Painter2.TerrainName", into your "...\Documents\ArmA 2 Other Profiles\Username\Missions" folder
2) Rename the suffix ".TerrainName" to your own terrain
3) Move the included folder, "@HOMJ", into your "...\ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead" folder
4) Launch ArmA loading @HOMJ and your terrain as addons. The supplied .cmd file is optional to help with this (see video)

Road Painter 2 - Demo Video v0.3

In this video you find:
    - Intro
    - Installation of folders/files
    - Setting up for your island
    - Starting the tool (loading ArmA2 and the mission)
    - Overview of interface
    - Drawing a road
    - Using the terrain smoother
    - Saving/Loading session
    - Exporting roads/XYZ
    - Finding exported files
    - Setting up Visitor for importing roads
    - Importing road path files
    - Importing XYZ file

Questions, comments, bugs, suggestions, maybe even offers for help are welcome!
Currently on the future to-do list, in order of priority, are:
1) See if I can add train tracks to the system

- added terrain smoother
- file in/out operations (saving session exporting road paths to file)
- several misc. UI improvements
- several bug fixes

- added Operation Arrowhead road definitions
- fixed panning issue with windowed or 3D res other than 100%

- initial release

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- BI forums

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