J.S.R.S. Soundmod final released!
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LordJarhead released the final version of his famous J.S.R.S. Soundmod on the BI forums.
Additionally LordJarhead released an updated version of the J.S.R.S. Soundmod - ACR DLC Sounds which adds the ACR Weapon and Vehicle Sounds. This requires you have J.S.R.S. Soundmod v1.5 final installed!

    Quote LordJarhead :
    I released the JSRS 1.5 FINAL!
    It contains the last update 4 which is fixing the last error tickets from DevHeaven (EVO ACR Config, MH60/Blackhawk inside sound to low, TTS650 signature failure).

    And by this I want to mention that I really really appreciated the time here with you guys! You were awesome and we really had an awesome time. I would never got this far without your support over the last years. Thank you for playing with JSRS and making this mod as popular as it is right now!

    I will move on now and will, as some already know, focus on the ArmA3 development. Even if this is not really saying goodbye, it still feels weird to leave ArmA 2 to focus on ArmA 3! I really hope you can understand my point of view since the updated A3 engine provides so much more possibilities for a sound dude like me, that I really have to use them. For my own sake! I will leave this thread open, still will check on it every day! But with this post I officially announce that the work on ArmA2 has been stopped and JSRS and I will move over to the next level. I really hope you guys enjoyed staying with us here and that we will meet again!

    Also I want to mention that this is not a announcement for a Arma 3 JSRS Mod or anything. I will just move one, for myself mainly. And when ever I would decide to release mods for Arma 3, you will know it soon enough, through Armaholic, the JSRS Facebook site or through the official JSRS Studio website I think about to let it create by a really good friend.
    I will never move on Steam Workshop, never release a mod there and never ask anyone or even allow anyone to release my work or parts of it there! So you can be sure, what ever you will see there with JSRS or my name on it? It is a fake!

    Thanks again! I still hope you are not too mad with me now Thanks for all the time you spent, all the support, all the trust and awesome time! Thanks guys! You were awesome!

Written on 2013-03-14 08:15 by LordJarhead  

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