Project CDF version 1.08 released
Mods and Addons

GossamerSolid released an updated version of his Project CDF on the BI forums.
This is a mod that will expand on content available to the CDF.

  • Fixed:
      - incorrect crewman class for LAV-25
      - loadout for CDF Western Equipped FN-FAL Soldier
      - wound RVMats missing for CDF Western troops
      - firing sound of M-79 Osa
      - PRSZ Lada police car's texture
      - scope of PCDF_Mig21_Base to private
      - classname of PRSZ DSHkM
      - Russian Mig-29 using BIS Pilot instead of PCDF RU Pilot
      - T-90 config inheritance
      - missing semi-colon for displayName entry on CDF Police SUV
  • Changed:
      - flight characteristics of M-79 Osa rocket
      - rate of fire for FN-FNC to match more realistic values
      - rate of fire for NSV to match more realistic values
      - items of Kinzhal
      - CDF Police UAZ-451 texture
      - FN-FNC UI pictures
      - loadout of CDF General and Pilot to Makarov
      - CDF Western Officer Model
      - CDF Western Soldier Model
  • New:
      - SKS-M GL model
      - FN-FNC models
      - T-62 Textures
      - CDF Desert Soldier textures
  • Added:
      - weapons: SKS Marksman, FNC Silenced, FNC ZF Scope
      - CDF, PRSZ Special Forces
      - CDF Police SUV
      - CDF Militia Officer
      - PRSZ Police BRDM-2
  • Removed:
      - included Vilas Eastern Weapons PBO
      - FN-FNC Carabine version
      - Russian Federation troop models

Written on 2012-10-27 09:36 by GossamerSolid  

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