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Requirements: No addons required
Island(s): Takistan
Playable options: N/A

Version: 5

Date: 2012-06-25 07:25

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ZKs BattleZone - Takistan


This is not a Mission. This is war!!

We need you to capture all the Enemy Bases. To do this you must destroy all of its Warfare Buildings. Then send a Truck to pick up that Base. Once you have that Base Secure then we can use that as well.
Use any means to Secure the Enemy Bases. Order what you need from the HQ Container.

If you lose your way just follow a Soldier near you.
Your orders sound simple enough.

This is a 72 Player COOP - Warfare Mission.
The battle covers the whole Map.
Its different every time and you never know what to expect.
There are many different approaches you can take to achieve the goal.
Keep an eye on the Map as that has been seen is updated to the Map.

In this mission you can tag along with the AI or control your own squad.

There are many features which you will find along the way.
The AI can and will do everything a Player can - Sometimes Better -
Join their Patrols , Attack Force or Have them do as you Order.

You start the Mission at a HQ Container,
From there you can

1. Make a Vehicle -- Go to the Container and Open Workshop then Construction --
2. Call for a pickup. -- A Vehicle will come to you --
3. Stay and Defend the Base. -- Make defences ECT , AI Mortars have a 500 meter range , Yes they do work in this Mission --

Even tho the Vehicles have AI in them they will Move out of their Seats to let you in.

If you get in as Gunner the AI Driver will do his Patrols and can get called
for backup by another Vehicle.
You can change the AI Drivers Waypoint by clicking on the Main Map.
When you see a Red Target Symbol that’s the Target the AI Driver - Gunner will try to go for.
If you TAB Lock AI will change Their Target to yours.

If your Not the Driver you will have a Return To Base Action
Its Main uses are

1. Stop The AI from Attacking and pull back from the fight. -- Select HUNT to resume Patrols --
2. To Rearm and Repair when you get back to the base. -- Only Vehicles without Players will do this automatically --

If your a Driver then you just have to get within 100 meters of your Base to Rearm & Repair.
Planes need to TouchDown at an Airport to Rearm & Repair.

If your Vehicle gets to Damaged you will get Ejected from it.
If you Die, and there are any AI within 350 meters they will try and Revive you.
If you live, Look for an AI Man he will be heading to the closest Enemy Base.
If you need a Lift , You can call for a PickUp and select either Chopper, Tank or Car.
The Chopper will land where you throw the smoke. -- Done Automatically at 350 meters --
AI also use this option to get ferried to the Enemy Bases.

When you get to the Enemy Base , Destroy all the Warfare Buildings , AI do this well,
If you don’t have any BIG Weapons you can go to the Building and make a BOMB -So Can The AI-
and Blow Up the Building.
When all Buildings are Destroyed then a Marker will appear - HQ Name Down -
If not in PVP mode then the Base will make Trucks to come and pickup the Container
and take it to a new Position and set it up as one of your sides Bases.
If in PVP you have to make the Truck. -- It will still go get the Base , But not set it up --

The Action can be very Intense in the Air and on the Ground.

The Markers on the Map are what has been seen and is Updated only when
a Target is in view of the Enemy. If that target dies The Marker is Removed.
If the Target has not been seen for 5 Minutes The Marker is Removed. -- You can always see where the Action is --
If the Marker does not move then no one can see the Target.
If you have been spotted -You get a Marker on You , Keep an eye on your GPS- you can be sure something is on the way to investigate your last known position.

If your Base gets a Circle around it on the Map the Enemy have found your Base and Know where you are.
If you have more than one Base you can PackUp and Move your Base. -- This is Dangerous, Units in your group will not be Cleaned when the Base Packs Up, Use them to Defend the Base while it’s on the move --

You never know what to expect and from where, You need Skill to stay ALIVE.

Different Maps give the Mission a completely New Feel, That’s why I added -ZKs 3D Array Builder-.
It takes Less than an Hour to Move the Mission to a New Map.

Parameter options:
Adjust the Time.
Set the View Distance.
Turn Grass On or Off.
Adjust the Respawn Time. -- AI Can Revive You --
Adjust the amount of HQ Containers Per Side. -- The more Containers the more CPU power required --
Set the Base Area Size.
Set which Vehicles and how many Live of that type can be in the mission at any one time.
Set which Factions can be used.
Set Total Vehicles that each HQ can have. -- Base Buildings Not Included --
Set Time between Builds. -- AI ONLY --
Set Delay before anyone can Build. -- Handy for PVP MODE --
Set PVP Mode. -- AI still operate Vehicles but will not Build anything --
Set Quickstart On/Off. -- If On -Default- The HQ Containers will TP to their Starting Point, If Off they will Drive There

Set 2 or 3 Sided Missions. -- Resistance can be turned Off or On --
Set the Max size of groups of Vehicles. -- ONLY for Land Vehicles , The bigger the size the more CPU power required --
Set the size of the Patrols for the Base area.
Set the Skill of the AI.
Set Only Vehicles with Weapons On/Off.
Set RemoteLink On/Off. -- Used to Control your Base while your in or outside the BaseArea --
Turn on Player Names. -- Only useful in Veteran Mode --
ZKs 3D Array Builder -- Yes it has its own 3D-Editor built in. This is always Off on a server --

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2 Operation Arrowhead\MPMissions folder.

extra_addons Note
In "InitFolder\Mission_Factions.hpp" there is skiped_addons = ["myaddon"]; addons that the auto addon finder misses goes in here.
If you get an error on mission start , Look in your RPT file for the name of the addon and add it to - skiped_addons.
If your using addons JIP will give en error before recieving the mission , due to the activateAddons extra_addons can not run earlier it is all running by the time the player is in the game.
to get around this you can add an empty vehicle of all vehicle types of your addons in the mission then delete it at mission start. Then you dont need to add anything to - skiped_addons or in User_Settings\Mission_Settings.hpp
set copyaddons = true
then start the mission, when the container comes off the truck
alt tab
paste with RMB to a text doc, add the addons it finds to mission.sqm.
Hint if you edit the mission after this with the editor you may have to do it again

Create your own:
To make it easy to move the Mission to other Maps i have included a 3D-Editor to make all the
Arrays required for this Mission. -- Read the Help in the Array_Builder Folder.

Open the spoiler for a quick guide:

v5 - 24-6-12
  • Fixed - Chute not always deleting.
  • Fixed - Intro Sounds - Mission now totaly compatible with OA.
  • Fixed - AI will move back into turrets when player moves to differnt position within the vehicle.
  • Added - Town Capture. Captured towns have a small patrol and a static weapon.
  • Added - Waypoints and Marker move to nearest road where possible.
  • Added - AI Vehicles will now fill all turrets when return to base.
  • Added - If turret unit is killed and units in cargo, Cargo units will fill turrets.
  • Added - Player markers on the Respawn map .
  • Removed - Call for Plane when using LaserMarker.
  • Tuned - Re Compressed all sounds 1Mb smaller now.
  • Re-work - YES - Lots of code enhanced.

  • V4 - 02-MAY-12
    Fixed - Player can now leave the driver pos of a vehicle and it will not leave as long as your within 150 meters.
    Fixed - Trucks get deleted when no longer needed.
    Fixed - Player does not get kicked from drivers seat when a player gets in as gunner in choppers.
    Fixed - Container now will not attach to dead trucks.
    Fixed - Moved Start point for AI planes to infront of hangers.

    Added - Building damage is set to AI skill - The higher the skill the harder it is to destroy them.
    Added - Civs now walk around the towns.
    Added - Vehicle animations and actions.
    Added - Halo and steerable chutes.
    Added - Units can burn when vehicle is destroyed.
    Added - AI that have mines will lay then on roads as they move around the map.

    Added - -= ZKs BattleZone =- V4 Update - -Just the files that have been updated - for people that are editing the earlier versions.

    V4 - 31-MAY-12
    Fixed - Typo in Takistan and Isla Duala. which stopped mission from starting. My Bad Sorry.

    v3 - 21-1-12
    Fixed - Error with turrets.
    Fixed - All Players Local Empty Vehicles get deleted on disconnect.
    Fixed - Random Error that caused Server_Seen_Code to stop.
    Fixed - ReArming when making empty vehicle.
    Added - Pickup now works in water for Players and AI.
    Added - Call for AmmoDrop.
    Added - Pickup Marker.
    Added - AmmoDrop Marker.
    Added - Call for Plane when using LaserMarker.
    Tuned - Vehicle Movement , Builder_interface.fsm.
    Re-work - YES - Some code enhanced.

    v2 - 16-1-12
    Fixed - Getin with land vehicles without cargo spots.
    Fixed - Blow Building action gets removed sooner.
    Added - Amount Of Crew Per Vehicle in params , "Fill Driver And All Turrets", "Fill Just Driver And Gunner".
    Added - copyfactions,copyaddons and game_ends in "User_Settings\Mission_Settings.hpp" - Used for testing and editing.
    Added - activateAddons extra_addons - when using addons this will automaticly activate them on mission start- Read note below.
    Added - All Vehicles and Buildings made by the Server face away from the HQ.
    Added - rearm at any of your side bases.
    Improved - Targeting System.
    Improved - Auto call for support system.
    Tested With - Latest AO Beta.
    Tested With - PRACS.
    Tested With - Frigate Pack.

    V1 - 11-1-12
    Fixed - Trucks less likely to get stuck.
    Fixed - All Players Local Vehicles and Men fully transferred back to server on disconnect.
    Fixed - Guer RESPAWN now works when you click on the word RESPAWN not just the Map.
    Fixed - Mortars fire more.
    Fixed - Respawn - will end mission for that side when no bases are left and exit If you Click on Respawn.
    Fixed - Player Respawn error when no units alive on players side.
    Added - Sides Used In The Mission - in params - Now can leave out any side.
    Added - Factions : Mission Suggested Factions - in params - add your factions to "InitFolder\Mission_Factions.hpp".
    Added - Markers for Trucks.
    Added - helpdis = 2000; max distance to call for AUTO support in "User_Settings\Mission_Settings.hpp"
    Tuned - Vehicle Movement , Packing Up trucks , Builder_interface.fsm - Only Choppers are now Made localy.
    Re-work - YES - Lots of code enhanced.

    Fixed - Packing Up Enemys Base.
    Fixed - Starting with the last players units.
    Fixed - Code for waypoints.
    Fixed - If UAV goes down , now you will be kicked from Remote Construction.
    Fixed - AI Base can still make base buildings after Total Items reached.
    Added - Pickup Smoke now is the colour of the side.
    Added - Total goes RED when reached.
    Added - Leave group action.
    Added - Make Empty Vehicle, Building , Man after Total Items has been reached.
    Added - Make Empty Vehicle after Item Ammount has been reached.
    Added - Player Group Size in Params.
    Added - Restrict Player Build Time in the params.
    Added - Rejoin Message if you join a side that is down.
    Tuned - Cleaned some publicvars up.

    - All Mission Zip now done with latest 7Zip
    - Fixed geur1 to guer1

    Credits & Thanks:
    Special thanks to Kremator for all the hours put in testing and the ideas that made it what it is today.
    Feel Free to do whatever you wish to the Mission. I just ask for some credit and you to keep -= ZKs BattleZone =- in the name somewhere.

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