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Date: 2007-07-09 18:54

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This little program allows you to take screenshots in any application, including (most) games. It is very easy. Just start the file ScreenShooter.exe, set Jpg or Bmp saving, select a directory to save in, and optionally set a file prefix. If your file prefix would be 'mypicture' then the screenshots you make would be saved as 'mypicture0.jpg', 'mypicture1.jpg' and so on. There is no limit on the number of pictures you can make.

To take a sceenshot you have to use the "print screen" (prt scr) button on your keyboard!

On some systems, notably Windows2000, colours get distorted if you use any of the Resize or Cut options. The matter is under investigation; if you have this problem then set Resize to Do Not Resize and Cut to Do Not Cut and all will be fine. If you can't get it working, please contact me at .

Just unzip all files into some directory you like, start ScreenShooter.exe and you're ready to go.

V1.6 : Added very basic dual monitor support. If you have 2 monitors, a screenshot will contain shots of both monitors. Decide whether you want the left part or the right part of the image by setting any of the Cut left part or Cut right part options. Otherwise, be sure that Do not cut is checked, or your images will come out quite strange :)

V1.5 : Added code that should produce an error log when something went wrong. If this errorlog appears on your system (named errors.txt in the ScreenShooter.exe dir) please be so kind to send it to . It will help me improve ScreenShooter.

V1.4 : Added slider that lets you choose Quality vs FileSize. Set slider to the left to get small but low-quality pics, set it to the right to get the highest quality in a bigger file. A typical low-quality pic shot on 1024x768 becomes a 52kB jpeg, highest quality will be around 330kB. I usually set it at about 60% to get small but good pics (about 80kB).

V1.3 : Resizing options extended: you can now preserve aspect ratio if you run on resolutions that have an aspect ratio other than 4:3.
Possibility to use leading zeroes. Form now indicates what the next filename will be.
Fixed bugs in minimizing and restoring the main form.
Visual things like access keys and tab order.

V1.2a: Added the Gfl library for resizing. Updated the redistribution package.

V1.1 : fixed memory leak. Added version number in form caption. Added this readme to the distribution package.

V1.0 : initial release.

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