Author: Charles Darwin
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.0

Short description: Enables the elevator on the LHD to be raised and lowered.

Date: 2012-02-07 01:27

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Working LHD Elevator

Charles Darwin

Allows players to raise and lower the elevators on the LHD into the water. This allows the loading and unloading of vehicles onto the LHD deck.

  • Use the Lower Elevator option in your action menu to lower the elevator to the water line.
  • Use the Raise Elevator option in your action menu to raise the elevator to the deck of the LHD.

  1. Create a mission and place a Game Logic on the map named "LHD_Center"
  2. Place an object you want to use to control the up and down motion with (for example a Power Generator)
  3. Name this item "control"
  4. Place the following code in the init line of the object:
  5. this setposASL [getposASL this select 0, getposASL this select 1, 15.3]; this enableSimulation False;
  6. Copy the included files into your mission folder.

How to make vehicles move without AI or players in the:
You'll need to add a trigger over the LHD elevator area and name it elev_trig. I would suggest adding a limitation describing that there is an invisible floor on the flight deck that will interfere with vehicle's when they go down or come up as shown in video.


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