Author: Engima
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Requirements: Arma 2
Island(s): Chernarus
Playable options: N/A

Version: 1.80

Date: 2012-06-11 08:36

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Escape Chernarus

Engima of Östgöta Ops

Finally! It has taken me almost two years of editing, and I am very proud to present my latest multiplayer COOP mission Escape Chernarus!

You are a USMC special force held captive in Chernarus some time before the US invasion. Your objective is to somehow contact your allies and rendezvous with a rescue force. Find your way through the living environment of enemy hunters directed by an intelligent search leader, enemy forces, civilians, traffic, animals, ambient events and surprises. Mission is 100% dynamic and uses the entire map. Play it 100 times, two games will not be the same!

  • Co-op 08 Revive (recommended for 2-8 players).
  • Uses entire map.
  • Dynamic and living environment.
  • True random start position. Game develops differently every time, inferring great replayability.
  • Options for enemy skill, enemy frequency, weather, time of day and grass settings.
  • Supports hosted and dedicated server (and is JIP compatible).

  • Installation:
    Put the .pbo-file in you MPMissions folder in the ArmA2 game folder.


    A Little Hint For a Better Game Experience
    Escape Chernarus is best played at difficulty level Veteran or Expert (since the mission's story is based on the idea that you are lost).

  • Reduced enemy armor on all difficulty levels.
  • Reduced amount of weapons at ammo depots.
  • Increased amount of possible weapon types at ammo depots.
  • Weapons may show up in civilian cars.
  • Road blocks are more passive.
  • Fixed: Paradrops do not fall free and crash onto the ground anymore.

  • v1.72
  • Fixed bug: Server lagging.
  • Reduced time it takes to hijack a communication center.

  • v1.7
  • Fixed the start bug (player do not wake up dead anymore)
  • Increased the time it takes to hijack a communication center, and FAC Operators do it faster than the others.
  • Added field hospital at communication centers.
  • Added things that you don't want me to tell you about.
  • Fixed bug that made enemies surrender.
  • Fixed bug that made player's vehicles suddenly disappear.
  • Made it much easier to port to another map.
  • A lot of fixes and improvements (for complete list, see ReadMe.txt in installation pack).

  • v1.5
  • Changed player units to Razor Team.
  • Communication centers now appear randomly.
  • Added things that you don't want me to tell you about.
  • Removed debug information that was left accidently.
  • A lot of fixes and improvements.

  • v1.1
  • Fixed bug at mission start (players could start mission dead etcetera).
  • Fixed bug regarding parameter "Enemy frequency". Enemy armor is now also in relation to this option.
  • Made the insurgents invest in night vision goggles.
  • Removed the parameter "Number of revives" (since "Unlimited" is the only option relevant for this mission).

  • Credits & Thanks:
    - Norrin for his Revive script!
    - Monsada, Rafalski & Kronzky for their UPSMON script!
    - Tophe, Milton, Tobias, Alex, Robbi (of Östgöta Ops) for beta testing!
    - Tophe an extra time for composing music for the trailer!
    - Neil MacMullen for his wonderful Squint (the editor)!
    - BIS Forum members for help during scripting headaches!
    - Bohemia for a fantastic game!

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    - BIS Forum

    - Arma 2

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