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Requirements: Arma 2
Island(s): Chernarus
Playable options: N/A

Version: 0.8 Beta

Date: 2012-03-05 11:36

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Assault on Chernogorsk


Thought as just one mission in a series of High Command missions building on the Arma 2 campaign "Harvest Red", this one replicates the assault on Chernogorsk, seen through Sgt. Cooper's eyes in the original campaign. Now you get a shot at commanding part of the task force recently landed on the beaches of Chernarus and take the city. Razor team did figure in my mission originally, but I decided to cut it and add a generic SF team, Fishbone, in the assault. This is both because it would seem odd if Razor Team got killed, and also because I have tried, to the best of my knowledge, to recreate a mission as close to reality as possible while still keeping playability and fun in focus.

  • As Major Noyes, command Abrams "Reaper-1-1" and "Reaper-2-1", LAV-25 "Scarecrow-1-1", Marine Squads "Saltspite-1-1" and "Saltspite-2-1", and a Force Recon team "Fishbone" to conquer Chernogorsk.
  • Friendly forces "Thresher" roll in to secure your perimeter if you manage to establish a foothold in Chernogorsk Square.
  • Gunship "Starmark" will support the assault if you manage to neutralize all enemy AAA.
  • Command evaluates your progress in real-time and will abort the assault if you suffer exceedingly high casualty rates. The task force is isolated, and can't accept too many casualties.

  • Installation:
    Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2 Operation Arrowhead\Missions folder.

    Recommended addons:
    The mission is tested extensively with the following mods, and they should really enhance the experience. Personally I never play without these:
    Mods are of course a matter of personal taste, and it is also completely up to you which ones to use. I believe that the mission is actually easier with ACE, as realistic armor penetration favours your Abrams and increases their survivablity. This is more realistic, and I personally believe you'll get an overall better experience with ACE and the above mods. This is how the mission was envisaged to be played.

    Things to do:
    Complete and streamline the briefing.
    Maybe add some markers in the briefing.
    Add voices instead of text only in-game messages (will probably never get it done).

    v0.8 Beta
  • Have been investigating crashes. Supposed problem with UPSMON, so I tried Grouplink4. Went back again to UPSMON as it provided better results, and tried to erradicate the cause of the crash. I have no crashes more, but I would really like feedback about it.
  • New UPSMON version.
  • Small script and flow changes.
  • Markers added.
  • Camoface script removed.

  • v0.7 Beta
  • Nearing final release with this version.
  • Further script optmizations.
  • Added more defenses.
  • Tweaked UPSMON further.
  • THRESHER is now only 2 AAV's instead of Abrams. I think it was too easy...

  • v0.6 Beta
  • Cleaned up scripts a bit.
  • Added static defenses in the city.
  • Tweaked UPSMON parameters slightly for surprisingly deadly AI.
  • Fixed missing parts of briefing.

  • Credits & Thanks:
    Thanks to everyone who helped at the BIS forums. Especially thanks to Demonized (who has made the base for most of the scripts used) and ADuke.
    UPSMON script made by Monsada and Rafalski.
    Camofaces script by Ronin =ASP=.

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    - Armaholic forums

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    - Advanced Combat Environment 2 - Core (Optional)
    - Advanced Combat Environment 2 - eXtras (Optional)
    - Community Base addons (Optional)

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