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Short description: Arma 2: Firing Range allows shooter-enthusiasts to experience the extremely realistic Armaverse.

Date: 2012-05-04 19:59

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Arma 2: Firing Range for Android

Bohemia Interactive
Copyright (c) 2009 Bohemia Interactive. All rights reserved.

In collaboration with Idea Games, Bohemia Interactive has besieged the Android Market with the release of Arma 2: Firing Range for All Android devices. Arma 2: Firing Range is the ultimate firing range simulation, utilizing accurate high-polygon weapon models used in the award winning Arma 2 tactical shooter videogame.

People will be able to download Arma 2: Firing Range (including 1 firing range, 3 weapons and 3 levels in career mode) for free. The complete collection of firing ranges, weapons and career mode challenges can be unlocked for $1.99. The game is compatible with All Android devices 2.3 or higher and is now available in the Android Market.

Arma 2: Firing Range allows shooter-enthusiasts to experience the extremely realistic Armaverse. Pick a weapon from dozens available. Examine it within an interactive 3D preview and study its specs - or try it out once!

The game features:
  • A huge array of weapons, available to examine and try out
  • Special weapons (sniper rifles, grenade launchers and more coming soon)
  • Several unique firing ranges with customizable game modes
  • Accurate weapon visuals, sounds and ballistics
  • Realistic weapon optics
  • Online leaderboards and achievements
  • Two adjustable control modes
  • Augmented Reality

  • Augmented Reality: A stunning revolution in mobile gaming technology, Augmented Reality brings exciting new aspects to Arma 2 Firing Range, no longer is your view restricted to what you see on your screen, now Augmented Reality explodes the reality out of your screen into the world around you!
    • Virtual Previews: This exciting new technology from Bohemia Interactive allows for a virtual preview of in game weapons, when utilizing a specially created printed marker. The virtual preview explodes into the world beyond your fingertips.
    • Virtual Firing Range: Use the marker to create your own virtual firing range, aiming at a real target on a real wall, that’s Augmented Reality! (We are not responsible for any damages inflicted to your living room wall as a result of accidental firing!)
    Arma 2: Firing Range is already available for iPhone or IPad in the App Store.
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    - Augmented Reality support, available for weapon previews and as a new AR firing range
    - Career mode
    - New visual features and lot of minor fixes
    - Fluid weapon swaying, smoother drag controls etc.
    - New information window
    - Many bug fixes, tweaks and improvements

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