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Date: 2007-07-10 21:21

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Basics of SQF

The goal of this tutorial is to show the potential and basics of SQF. I'll start by describing how to execute SQF scripts, explaining the basic structures
and loops used in SQF syntax before proceeding to converting SQS to SQF. Don't expect a thorough tutorial on SQF scripts, if you already master
making functions this tutorial may not be written for you. If you already master (to some extend) SQS and want to learn how to use SQF syntax
this may be the ideal tutorial to take a step in the good direction.

In this pack I've included working examples of the basic structures used in SQF (for, forEach, if etc). You can use these to create your own scripts with.
If you find any errors in them, I did test them in the editor though, please let me know. To end with, I want to thank the BIS Wiki staff for the huge
piles of information on it.

Command reference:
BIS Wiki:

Version 1.01
- Added information on how to execute SQF scripts
- Added RPT log file information
- Fixed usage of exit

Thanks to h- for giving more information about the call command as well as about exiting the script.
Thanks to hoz for pointing out the existance of the RPT log file.
Thanks to mandoble for more information about the advantage of SQF syntax.
Thanks to everyone else who provided feedback on v1.00 and encouraged me.

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