US Army Blackhawks updated beta released
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yurapetrov released an updated beta version of the US Army Blackhawks on the BI forums.
This Blackhawks pack contains different versions:
  • MH-60L Blackhawk
  • UH-60L
  • UH-60L Medevac
  • UH-60L Blackhawk (ESSS wings)
  • HH-60L Medevac (with ESSS wing)
  • HH-60A Medevac renamed to HH-60L Medevac (with ESSS wing);
  • Added flares;
  • New flare dispenser model;
  • Added tilting rotor blades;
  • Added formation lights;
  • Added new sounds by LordJarhead in separate file yup_bhsounds.pbo;
  • Added MH-60L Blackhawk;
  • Added UH-60L Medevac version;
  • Added 160th SOAR Pilots by Soldier2390;
  • Added full set of distance LODs for UH-60L Medevac, other choppers has 2 distance LODs;
  • Fixed hellfire pod geometry bug;
  • UH-60L Blackhawk (16xAGM-114 Hellfire) made invisible in editor. User can spawn it using yup_UH60L_Hellfires class;
  • Tail number changed to 27109.

Written on 2013-01-25 08:03 by Armaholic  

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