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Version: 1.01 beta

Short description: Fromz ArmA Linker is not merely the addon or MOD, but series software deal with Arma 2 game engine, make game function expansion.

Date: 2012-02-20 20:18

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Fromz ArmA Linker: GPS


Fromz ArmA Linker for Bohemia Interactive military games Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead, Arma 2: Reinforcements and Arma 2: Combined Operations (Does not support pure Arma 2!)

Fromz ArmA Linker is not merely the addon or MOD, but series software deal with Arma 2 game engine, make game function expansion.
At present, the program is still in the concept design phase, in order to introduce the application functions,
I released a simple edition today, that is, Fromz ArmA Linker: GPS

This application can help you approach to the destination efficient without in-game GPS in all missions, and provide additional navigation capabilities. This application is also a demo to show the Fromz ArmA Linker functions: Link data out of ArmA2 world and may put data into ArmA2 world in future.

I'm not familiar with the smartphone applications development at present , may learn it someday. if possible I still want let ArmA2 contact with smartphone instead another PC.

We can imagine more purposes: Such as Fromz ArmA Linker: VTS, Real-time situation map, AAR(Save game running data to file and replay).or Link ArmA2 with other game, i.e. Lock on. That means may ArmA2 multiplayer can link online to Lock on/ArmA1/TOH multiplayer in "same custom terrain" or "divergent focus battlefield".

Of course, These are just only feasible in technology, has not been actual test. I'll working on that with our expected direction.

Main functions of the GPS edition:
1. In send mode(TX), Get and analyse the game data/informations which PC is running ArmA2, and send the analyzed data out of ArmA2's world, in the meantime show the data/informations in GPS's interface. The whole process are real-time (with highest frequency 2hz).

These data/informations include:
The current player's name/ID
The current player's coordinates, 4 to 10 bits of grid format, readable.
The current player's speed, accurate to 0.1 km/h
The current player's vertical height, accurate to 1m
The current player's sea level elevation, accurate to 1m
The current player's toward direction, accurate to 0.1 °
The current ArmA2 world time, format YY-MM-DD and HH-MM
The current player's vehicle type (Can check in or out of what kind of vehicle)
2. In send mode(TX), transmit the data/informations real-time to any custom defined online device (PC or hand-held devices) which is running Fromz ArmA Linker in receiving mode(RX). And this computer running in receiving mode(RX) is no need to install ArmA2 at all.
3. In receiving mode(RX), receiving the data/informations from remote computer and display on interface real-time.
4. In the normal work of any mode, use GPS to assisted navigation. GPS will guide you what's the right direction, how far to arrive destination waypoint, and in your current moving speed, what's the ETA time.
5. IP detector other side's network state (Like ping, send mode end detect receiving mode one, and receiving mode detect send mode one)
6. Display the current ArmA2 program state, automatic judgment ArmA2 version. This application need ArmA2OA/RFT/CO 1.60 official version, and legal copy, of couse. or it may not be able to run.
7. Compatible with all the missions, addons, MODs, and no need to manually install or load any addons. Run this application first then start ArmA2 with your familiar way will OK.
8. Automatic identificate both Chinese and English interface and allow manual switching, and the application able to automatic detecte update.

Download, unpack and -mod=@fromz\falgps (Copy whole @fromz folder into your arma2 directory, falgps.exe can run stand alone).
Application will give you update download link automaticly if you have the version 1.0 Beta already!

As we always recommend use modfolders to seperate the custom content from the official game content to prevent problems. For different ways to set up your modfolders and use them please visit our FAQ.

When you are using the Steam version you can find a Steam mod installation and activation FAQ here.

Operate steps: (Wiki or course coming soon):
1. Start this application, if running with ArmA2, choose send mode(TX), or choose receiving mode(RX)
2. Run this application first, then start ArmA2. How do you start is doesn't matter, with -mod=what is doesn't matter.
3. If you get in any mission or mission editor as player, this application should be working.(with send mode)
4. If you just have only one PC and no need send to another, just forget receiving mode.
5. If you wanna send the data/informations to your UMPC or some thing like that, then run this application in receiving mode on your UMPC. and set the IP of UMPC in your send mode PC.
6. At this point, your ArmA2 running PC with send mode GPS, showing informations, and transmit to the receiving mode GPS synchronously.
7. Right now you can use any mode GPS to make navigation, Just press F1 key to add new destination coordinate.

Special note:
Win7 users need administrator rights to run this application at first time, or you will have an error, and then they don't have to use administrator privileges.
Win7 users may been tiped the need access network through Windows Firewall, allow it. Superfluous words, Indeed.
Few antivirus softwares may reportedly Trojan, just stop use this application or add it in to trust list. due to this application has been compressed.
Run this application first, then start ArmA2, end ArmA2 first, then end this application, or you encounter error. But that's not serious.
ArmA2 running PC means application need in send mode(TX), No ArmA2 running PC means application need in receiving mode(RX)
The program designed and developed by Fromz individually, Freeware Licence, Using this software at your own risk.
The program need workable network. Modify, de-compile without permission, commercial and military use is prohibited.

Beta WIP work, Forgive for the bugs,

If your GPS is not work, just learn the application's bottons' tooltip text. then restart GPS, run arma2oa.exe agian.

v1.01 beta
- Change the working files' directory, more open and more stable
- Have to add parameters in arma2 launcher or shortcut -mod=@fromz\falgps
- No need follow apps open order as Version 1.0.0 required, you can run arma2oa.exe or falgps.exe first like free rein

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