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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 2.4

Short description: The F2F Air Loadout Selector System is a script which enables a variety of bomb and missile loadouts for ArmA 2 (A2/OA/CO/PMC/BAF) aircraft.

Date: 2012-04-14 17:48

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F2F Air Loadout Selector System (A.L.S.S.)

[F2F] SkyNet

The F2F Air Loadout Selector System is a script which enables a variety of bomb and missile loadouts for ArmA 2 (A2/OA/CO/PMC/BAF) aircraft. Originally, F2F A.L.S.S. was considered a private script used only in F2F squad missions. I came to the conclusion that others may also benefit from this script so I decided to release it to the ArmA community.

Further script updates will be released if/when time permits. Technical support and requests will gladly be taken into consideration.

- No Mods required!
- Most vanilla aircraft supported including the AV-8B, A-10, Su-25, Su-34, Mi-24, AH-64D, AH-1Z, AH-6J, UH-1Y, Ka-52, Ka-60, and more!
- Many popular aircraft and weapon addons are compatible with A.L.S.S. (scroll down for a list of compatible addons)
- Aircraft will have several unique weapon loadouts available to choose from such as Close Air Support, Air Interdiction, Combat Air Patrol, Air Superiority and others.
- The script is multiplayer friendly!
- Simple 2-step intallation to get your mission up and running in no time.
- Optional code to remove all weapons from aircraft upon mission start (see installation step #3).
- No need to configure each aircraft, just pull aircraft up to "loader" and receive in-game options.
- Ability to make ANY editor object a "loader" object. This includes vehicles which makes for an ability to create mobile forward rearm points. (A "loader" object is an object which an aircraft must pull-up to in order to select custom weapon loadouts.)
- Customizable radius for each loader. An aircraft must be within this radius in order for the loadout menu to activate. (see installation step #2)
- Addon support. You may request addon aircraft to be incorporated into this system for upcoming versions.

Compatible addons: (not required)
- GLT Missilebox
- F-16 Fighting Falcon
- Harrier Gr3 RAFG
- F-14D Super Tomcat
- F/A-18 Super Hornet
- Air Weapons Pack
- OV-10 BRONCO - Tigerian Air Force
- F-15 Eagle/Strike Eagle
- US Army Blackhawks
- Bundeswehr Compilation EF2000 Eurofighter Typhoon
- RAF Eurofighter Typhoon FGR4

- Copy and paste (or drag and drop) the "f2f_modules" folder directly into your mission folder.
- Copy and paste the following code into each "loader" objects init field:
null = [this, 20] execVM "f2f_modules\f2f_alss\f2f_alss_init.sqf";
You can do this for as many objects as you please - no limit.
The number "20" represents the default radius in which an aircraft must stop in order for menu options to become available. You can change this number to suit your needs.

- Copy and paste the following code into an aircraft(s) init field to clear all ordinance upon mission start:
null = [this] execVM "f2f_modules\f2f_alss\f2f_exe\f2f_exe_vecInit_clrW e ps.sqf";
This is optional and is only needed for aircraft you wish to have weapons cleared for.


Technical / Modifications:

- Added F2F F/A-18C compatibility
- Added Bundeswehr Compilation EF2000 Eurofighter Typhoon compatibility
- Added yurapetrov's US Army Blackhawks compatibility
- Added Southy's F-15 Eagle/Strike Eagle compatibility
- Added CheyenneAH56's OV-10 TFB Config compatibility
- Added CheyenneAH56's OV-10 Bronco (Tigerian Air Force) compatibility
- Added ACE Mi-24's (ACE_Mi24_V_CDF, ACE_Mi24_V_FAB250_RU, ACE_Mi24_V_FAB250_CDF) compatibility
- Added ACE AH-6J DAGR compatibility
- Added ACE A-10 compatibility
- Added ACE L-39ZA compatibility
- Added ACE AH-1Z Viper compatibility
- Added ACE AH-1W Cobra compatibility
- Added ACE Loadouts for the BIS Mi-24V
- Added ACE Loadouts for the BIS Mi-8's (Mi17_rockets_RU and Mi171Sh_rockets_CZ_EP1)
- Added ACE Loadouts for the BIS Ka-52 (Ka52 and Ka52Black)
- Added ACE Loadouts for the BAF AH-1D
- Added ACE Loadouts for the BIS AH-64D
- Added ACE Loadouts for the BIS Su-34
- Added ACE Loadouts for the BIS Su-39
- Added ACE Loadouts for the BIS Su-25
- Added New Addon Check System
- Fixed BIS AH-1Z overwrites ACE AH-1Z bug
- Disabled pop-up message incompatibility warning

  • Added RKSL FGR4 Eurofighter Typhoon compatibility
  • Added PMC Ka-60 (Ka60_GL_PMC and Ka60_PMC) compatibility
  • Added BAF AH-1D Apache compatibility
  • Added BIS Ka-52 (Ka52 and Ka52Black) compatibility
  • Added BIS UH-1Y Venom compatibility
  • Added BIS AH-6J Littlebird compatibility
  • Added BIS AH-1Z Viper compatibility
  • Added BIS AH-64D Apache (OA/A2) compatibility
  • Added BIS Mi-24's (Mi24_D, Mi24_D_TK_EP1, Mi24_P and Mi24_V) compatibility
  • Added BIS Mi-8's (Mi17_rockets_RU and Mi171Sh_rockets_CZ_EP1) compatibility
  • Added GLT Su-39 (Su-25) Laser compatibility
  • Added GLT Su-39 JDAM compatibility
  • Added GLT Su-34 Laser compatibility
  • Added GLT Su-34 JDAM compatibility
  • Added BIS Su-34 compatibility
  • Added BIS Su-25 CDF/ChDKZ/Russia/Takistan Army compatibility
  • Added BIS L-39ZA Takistan Army compatibility
  • Added "check turrets" functionality within several scripts
  • Fixed Only pilot has menu options (crew/gunner/cargo no longer have options)
  • Fixed Redeveloped several scripts to increase speed/efficiency
  • Fixed F-14D compatibility with multiple variants
  • Fixed Previously missing F/A-18F VFA-14 aircraft now included
  • Fixed Several minor bugs

  • v2.2
  • Added Meatball0311's F/A-18 Super Hornet compatibility
  • Added VectorX96'S F-14D Super Tomcat compatibility
  • Added Trouble's Harrier Gr3 compatibility
  • Fixed AV-8B LGB & AV-8B GLT weapons in CM bug
  • Fixed Menu access outside loader radius bug
  • Fixed "double menu" bug
  • Fixed Myke's F-16C ALSS loadout bugs

  • v2.1 hotfix
  • resolves many of the F-16C loadout issues.

  • v2.1
  • Added Myke's F-16C Fighting Falcon compatibility
  • Fixed menu now closes when outside of loader conditions
  • Fixed minor code changes for system efficiency
  • v2.0
  • Added support for helicopters (not yet implemented)
  • Added incompatible aircraft now receive pop-up message
  • Added clear weapons at mission start now optional via init code
  • Added customizable loader activation radius from loader init code
  • Added BIS A-10 USMC compatibility
  • Added BIS A-10 US compatibility
  • Added BIS AV-8B Harrier LGB compatibility
  • Added BIS AV-8B Harrier compatibility
  • Added GLT A-10 compatibility
  • Addons are no longer required
  • Unlimited aircraft now possible
  • Unlimited loaders now possible
  • Simplified installation process - 2 step process
  • Fixed menu delay. Now menu instantly appears when stopped at loader.
  • Script completely redeveloped from ground up

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