Author: Rubber
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Requirements: No addons required
Island(s): Chernarus, Takistan
Playable options: N/A

Version: Build 014

Date: 2012-05-27 20:12

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Warfare BE2 *Rubber Ed*


This mission follow the goal of create a more REAL warfare environment, with focus on, Teamplay, Balance and PVP.
All mission parameter, rules, prices, script etc, are tweaked / added according to the goal

Special Features:
  • Macro Area Enhancement
      -MISSION Default PARAMETERS tailored for the goal
      -NO UPGRADE mission is based on economy and require good strategy with founds/resources management.
      -TERRITORIAL PARAM ( Town must be linked and nearest to owned towns to be captured Orange marker with red circle.. )
      -Resistance and Occupation AI tweaked, balanced, and less random.
      -AI use ASR_AI (if running on server) and UPSMON 5.09 integrated togheter for best result (check credit for link and description)
      -Victory condition: Number of towns ( factory are just tools the goal is the conquest of territory..... )
      Commander 1st slot of each SIDE ( advanced repair action - +5 Group size )
      Officer/team leader ( +3 Group size )
      Medic ( heal + mobile respawn tent )
      Engineer ( repair + advanced repair action )
      Saboteur ( lockpick ) ( Resistance and AI vehicles are locked.... )
      Sniper/Marksman ( spot with binoculars )
      - SPECIAL WARFARE BUILDING Field Hospital ( x2 player group size )
      Example Commander without FH 10 ai with FH 20 ai
      Example Officer/TL without 8 with 16
      Example Other without 5 with 10
      (with default Base player squad size parameter: 5 )

  • Micro Area Enhancement for town battle:
      -Strong Points(old camps) are not linked to town SV, doesn't work for respawn or rearm, they are needed to capture the town
      -Strong Points can be upgraded after capture, to raise the time to capture for the enemy (more "Man" in the SP area faster capture/upgrade )
      -Peace Timer after Town capture to avoid "looping" battle in same town, to give to the winner of town battle the chance to advance to next town...
      -Dynamic respawn tent, those replace the camp respawn, and avoid the spawn kill on camp, adding a micro game, find and destroy enemy respawn tent... hide and protect friendly respawn tent...
      - Great pvp Battle also if u play 4vs4 !!! ( each city capture it's like a mini capture and hold with dynamic respawn )

  • Mando missile suite (last version)
      - MMA suite Tweaked and full integrated in mission ( score, rewards, reloading )
      - EASA Loadouts Tweaked to work togheter with mando HUDS

  • Miscellaneous:
      - Desert texture hidden selections replacement for: T90 T72 BTR90/HQ BMP3 Tunguska, Su34, Lav25, AAVP
      - Real time mission info on HUD
      - Map markers upgrade with ( radious of capture and Side color, territorial link and peace time circle )
      - Player markers upgrade only name, always on top
      - Special building for Service Point ( without BIS autorearm )
      - Special SERVICE vehicle (act as mobile service point )
      - Lot of tweak fix add, check the changelog to see the amount of work...

  • Installation:
    Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2 Operation Arrowhead\MPMissions folder.

    Build 014
  • Action keys for GPS zoom moved to 18 19 20 in order to don’t activate when you use construction interface 15 16 17
    TIP: assign key that u don’t use for nothing as custom, or you can trigger and change zoom when u don’t want .
    I assigned J K L but when I use flap I change zoom so now I changed to unused key and doesn’t happen anymore.
  • New loading screens
  • LITE Option ADDED for Occupations / Resistance ( less server load and less AI fight in towns so also more PVP)
  • Price tweak on some fortifications and static defences
  • Price increased for Striker MC
  • ASR AI integrated config updated to 1.14.1 and also tweaked a bit... ( play with ASRAI on server is a must!! )
  • Strong point capture speed up
  • Salvage truck radious of wreck increased and $ % a bit increased ( recycle the wrecks !! make it for greenpeace!)
  • Boundary set off by default
  • Chernarus Version
  • Reinforcement Version BAF as bluefor and PMC default Resistance faction

  • Credits & thanks:
    - Benny for his helpfulness and support in many area of development ( thanks a lot mate )
    - all people that contribs on BE development
    - Mandoble for it's outstanding Mando Missiles script suite -
    - DAO crew ( I used the IDEA for Injury HUD and Vehicle crew HUD ) -
    - Robalo_AS (ASR_AI) -
    - Monsada & Rafalski (UPSMON) -
    - Armaholic for mirroring of mission and great work over years.
    Special thanks:
    - Band Of Brothers for hosting and test the mission almost every night -
    - Wild Mercenaries for great "testing" matches :)

    Forum topic:
    - Armaholic forums
    - BI forums

    - Arma 2 (Optional)
    - BAF (Optional)
    - PMC (Optional)

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