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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.2 fixed
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: Primarily, Rhapsody Core is a support addon for Tankbuster's Domination edit, known as Takistan Rhapsody, but it also includes some IEDs and related objects.

Date: 2012-03-11 08:43

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IED kit and Rhapsody Core


Primarily, Rhapsody Core is a support addon for Tankbuster's Domination edit, known as Takistan Rhapsody, but it also includes some IEDs and related objects. These two parts are described below:{list]- First, there are some reconfigured units that help the author's mission. Primarily, these are units that have had their side changed so that they work better in side missions, such as the Scud vehicle, the Chukar cruise missile, the L39 and the Igla pod, plus a couple of others.
- Secondly, there are some units and objects to support the TKY roadside bomb project. There's 3 explosions which are reconfigured hand grenades giving the mission designer a small, medium and large explosion. In power. they are roughly equivalent to a hand grenade, a satchel and a pair of LGBs respectively. There is also a custom IED object. Made by RKSL Rock, it looks like an artillery shell with a detonator package attached, sitting on a small rock.

Also made by Rock is the IED disruptor model. It's a reconfigured satchel charge that when set off, makes a small explosion.

Lastly, there's an ammo cache, made by WLD 427 that contains the disruptors.

Further Reading:
Why would a mission designer want the IED kit?

The explosions.
You might want the explosion because typically, to create an explosion, the mission designer will spawn an ammunition object and wait for it to explode. The LGB is a good example as it provides a nice big bang and lots of destruction but, if the player is nearby, they will actually see the LGB spawn in the air and fall to the ground before it explodes. Using reconfigured hand grenades with the timer fuse removed and different explosive powers gets around this limitation.
The IED object
The BAF IED objects are lovely, but they come with a limitation, or rather an unwanted feature that was crucial for me. When the player approaches them, an option to defuse it pops up. I didn't want that and there's no way of removing it, so I had to have a custom IED object made. It's just an object, the player can't interact with it in anyway, nor will it explode. That's for the mission designer to script and that's what the explosions described above are for.
The IED Disruptor
I wanted a way of making the IEDs safe that wasn't defusing them and research has shown that many military forces use a disruptor. Although this model is rather generic, it's based on a Canadian manufactured (and copied in China, of course) that directs a high pressure jet of water at an IED device. This is supposed to instantly disassemble the device, preventing it's explosion and preserving its components for analysis. Mine works exactly like a satchel. It's taken, placed and fired just like a satchel and makes a small, hand grenade sized explosion when it goes off. Like the other stuff here, it's just an object. this in itself won't kill an IED, it's up to the mission designer to script this.

Mission support units.
In the early version of Domination that I edited, there were a few problems associated with units side. Mostly this was because in the Two Team version, the enemy AI is on the independent side but some of the side mission assets are east, so the AI killed them the moment they saw them. The Scud launch side mission is an example. The enemy AI are on the independent side, and are supposed to be trying to launch a Scud missile, but the launcher vehicle is actually east, so the moment they see it, they kill it. Side mission failed.
The other units are here for this or similar reasons. We've given them an L39, an Igla pod and such like.
Known Bugs and Problems
The Disruptor.
If the player drops a disruptor and picks it back up again, it becomes a satchel.
When you go to set it off, the option says "set off x bomb" so it's indistinguishable from any satchels you may have placed.
Spacebar scanning will reveal the IED as a Barrel.
It will spawn on the terrain level, but on sloped ground sometimes it appears to hover just above ground. Spawn it slightly below ground level to get around this.

As we always recommend use modfolders to seperate the custom content from the official game content to prevent problems. For different ways to set up your modfolders and use them please visit our FAQ.

When you are using the Steam version you can find a Steam mod installation and activation FAQ here.

Included files:

- Explosions; "SEK_TR_GUE_smallbomb", "SEK_TR_GUE_bigbomb", "SEK_TR_GUE_mediumbomb"
- Disruptor; "TKY_Disruptor"
- IED object; "TKY_IED" (muzzle name; "TKY_Disruptor_muzzle" and ammo name; "TKY_Disruptor_A"
- Mission support units; SEK_TR_TK_GUE_MAZ_543_SCUD", "SEK_TR_GUE_Chukar", "SEK_TR_L39_TK_GUE_EP1", "SEK_Igla_AA_pod_TK_GUE_EP1", "SEK_ATV_TK_EP1", "SEK_hilux1_TK_GUE_3_open_ep1"
Ammobox; "TKY_Disruptor_AmmoBox"


Credits & Thanks:
Project Manager and Coding: Tankbuster
Models and configs: RKSL-Rock, Soul_Assassin and wld427
Other Content, Support and Testing: Sickboy, Rarius, Lincks and many others.
You should use ArmA 2 Combined Operations with this addon.

v1.2 fixed
- fixed a bad texture path had crept in and it was giving errors.

- A reconfigged GR5 for the Brits to win for taking main targets
- IED disruptor made less powerful.

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