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Requirements: No addons required
Island(s): Chernarus Clafghan, Dingor Island, Fallujah, Isla Duala, Island Lingor, Island Panthera, Nogova 2010, Takistan, [ADO] Tropica Tasmania Island and many more
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Version: 04-06-2012

Date: 2012-05-21 07:42

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BattleZone, MSO, PatrolOps2 & ATCRabbit


Wait until the initialisation black screen has disappeared (it CAN take up to about a minute for large maps - be patient). You will then have spawned at a friendly base, and green base icons will start to appear at the top left. Every icon means a new type of item can be made. At this point you may want to adjust your Settings (viewdistance and grass level) - its in the action menu.

OK so now let's get some vehicles made. You are limited to the number that you chose in the parameters in the first instance (normally on 40) and limited to building something every 50 seconds (again from the params). If Remote Construction is in your action menu you DON'T have to go to the container (to open workshop, then construction) - this will take you to an overhead view where you can start to place items.

Choose a tank for instance using your mousewheel, left click and choose the type of tank you want. You can move it around until the circle around it goes GREEN. Pressing CTRL will rotate the item. When happy press left mouse button and your tank appears. Now you have a choice ... either exit the construction (backspace OR right mouse button) and get into the tank (option for GetIn as Driver OR GetIn as Gunner) or you can set it to HUNT agressively (press H when you have the circle over the tank). Should you want to create an EMPTY tank (on rare occasions), then HOLD E when creating your vehicle. IF you want the vehicle to join your team (again no need for this) then keep the circle over the tank and PRESS J.

OK so you are in your tank as gunner for example. The commander will issue the tank with a move order (somewhere random at the start BUT it may task you to investigate an enemy sighting). IF you want to overrule this click ANYWHERE on the map that you want to go, and a new destination will be set. If you jump into the tank commander position after this, the driver will obey your mapclicks. Your gunner is VERY aggressive and will attack anything hostile - so get ready for a fight

OK the AI are also aggressive and you have been killed - you have 2 options. A) Wait for revive dialog (or even flick through the other AI AND PLAYERS and watch them fight) and spawn at ANY friendly base (little triangle) B) Wait for a friendly AI or player to revive you (yes they WILL revive you if in range). If you are going to revive someone then you look for HEAL PLAYER in action menu (not First Aid) You will revive with the weapons you died with. You can always pick up more at the crate at base.

While alive you can enter Remote Construction at any time and build something else

To win .... kill ALL enemy buildings at all the enemy bases !

A few other features. There are IEDs that you will detect AND be able to defuse or detonate (or even shoot). There are suicide bombers too ... be careful. The towns are fully populated and you will be able to question civilians for information about baddies. Found a building but dont have a satchel? Don't worry, just get close enough and an action menu to BLOW BUILDING will appear. This takes 30 secs then run .... in 30 secs no more building. Want to be a Forward Air Controller? Pickup a laser desingator at crate, find a target and lase. IF there are friendly jets in the air they will be called to the laser spot (and IF they have GBUs ... BOOM!) Should there be no friendly jets, why not just make one (if logged into the airport container). You will also be given task to carry out .... THESE ARE OPTIONAL, but add spice to the war.....

.....and believe me .... THIS IS WAR!

How to play:
Please look at BattleZone and read the readme!
Please look at MSO and read the readme!
Please look at PatrolOps2 and read the readme!

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2 Operation Arrowhead\MPMissions folder.

Further plans for other maps:
Basically the built-in editor WITHIN BattleZone is just amazing - surprised others haven't picked up upon it!

Name your map and I'll port it.

You can modify this mission in anyway, but please respect the original authors and credit them. A little acknowledgement for me will be fine.

However in the mission title IT MUST SAY ZKs BattleZone at the start please.

Credits & thanks:
Firstly, my MAJOR thanks ....
Without the GENIUS of BIS my life would not be complete!
Without the GENIUS of ZoneKiller we would not have WAR.
Without the GENIUS of and the MSO team, we wouldn't have a framework of goodies
Without the GENIUS of Roy86 we wouldn't have PatrolOps2

Without the support of quite a variety of members (Highhead, Vengeance1 etc) helping me test, I probably wouldn't have gotten anything out.

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- BI forums

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