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Requirements: Arma 2

Version: 1.0
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: These are some "modernised" FSB units like those on the FSB 2012 Calender.

Date: 2012-03-12 20:56

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Spetsnaz FSB


These are some "modernised" FSB units like those on the FSB 2012 Calender, and like those that we keep seeing lately in news reports from clearance operations and house raids in Dagestan and Ingushetia.
I recieved alot of help from the lads at DAGR with these units, including testing, models, and texture help. I also wanted to avoid making these any particular unit of the FSB, so they could be used as anything. Alpha Group, Beta Group, Vympel, FSO, you name it and they could be represented by these units.
As usual haters will hate, but if you have some real criticism I can make some changes as I go along with later releases. I can almost hear already the people going "Russians in Multicam?

- Overall the look and feel of these "modernised" units is that of a government federal spetsnaz team, of the FSB or FSO. (More traditional units will follow eventually). They are wearing multicam, SPOSN plate carrier vests with many added pouches, and Mich2000 helmets. I wanted some Fast EDC helmets, they may come later.
- 6 kinds of Operators wearing Multicam: Teamleader, Sniper, Marksman, Assaultman, Grenadier, & Operator (Under Men (Multicam)). All are able to administer first aid.
- OA features compatible: Backpacks etc (OA thermal textures will come in a later update).
- Equipped with default BIS MVD loadouts because they inherit directly from the BIS MVD classes (This is intended so any weapon replacement packs can work, or you can just set the weapons manually).
- Two new rucksacks for these units, an olive Charlie Pack and a black Patrol Pack.
- These units were the reason I started the Krinkov Pack
- One known issue is that the wound textures are a bit dodgey on the body. But they work so hey ho.

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Included files:

They can be found under the EAST side in the faction "FSB"



Credits & Thanks:
Models: BIS, ArdvarkDB, Lennard, Binkowski, Johannes, The Red Fox Studios, W0lle, Shnapdrosel (Thanks alot lads, especially BinkyLAD and Drew).
Textures: BIS, ArdvarkDB, Lennard, SafetyCatch, Kis4M3, The Red Fox Studios, for insipiration.

Thanks to my flat mate doug and some members of DAGR for testing.
Thanks to Jackal326 and ArdvarkDB for advice and allknowingness about oxygen 2.

- initial release

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