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Requirements: [ADO] Vostok, others are included
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Version: beta

Date: 2012-03-14 20:36

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Conspiracies 4


I have got a surprise in my pocket. Conspiracies 4. It was a project that was begun in 2010, direct before Conspiracies 3
has been released. Well, I gave it up for months but never deleted it from my HDD. Well, I started to finish it, some weeks ago, using DAP's great scripts and his STALKER-MOD. I will release it as a beta, because I had not enough time to test it that accuary.
I am buisy with Conspiracies Apocalypse 3 at the moment. But I will say, if enough people were interessted in the final one, I will set this as a major-project. Remember, I done this by myself without any help. Thats why I have only Addonmakers in this creditlist. I could use only the addons my team already done for previous parts and the ones who made others. All in all I think Conspiracies 4 is a great base to update this base with missions, additional areas, weapons ect...

Conspiracies 4 is a mixed thing between the original Conspiracies-Trilogy (1-3) and Conspiracies Rising Dead I+II. So you will have a very great atmosphere, like in Conspiracies 1-3 and a bit freeroaming from Rising Dead. I say a bit, because the gameworld is not that big as it was in Rising Dead. I used a method which is maybe still known from Conspiracies The Experience. You will have 15 Sectors, and every sector is connected to the other one. BUT, in Conspiracies The Experience it was loading a new mission when changing sectors. This time not. No loadingtimes except a 10seconds Loadingscreen to load the gameworld when changing sectors. But its still the same mission. Some advantages: No loadingtimes, you can give the zone a real life, independent stalkers, bloodsuckers, zombies, animals and anomalies. Everyone can hunt to eat animals, everyone can trap into an anomaly, you know what I want to say. Also I can make the sectors more detailed, so no heavy performance drops...

You will play an ordinary man. His friend is missing in the zone during an visit with some tripguides. You will go in the zone and search for him, because you are afraid something happend, because you heard about some attacks on government convois in the zone.

- conversations possible to some people (ask for rumors or missions ect.)
- anomalies (thanks to the STALKER-MOD)
- in version 0.96 beta we have 17 missions (10 storydriven, 7 additional ones)
- animals, stalkers, bloodsuckers, zombies, wild dogs with independent life
- custom weather system
- acclerated night-day change
- flashlights
- 15 sectors with known places from chernobyl (dam, chernobyl-II, Jupiter-Facility ect.)
- NO own map, I am using vostok
- using BIS weapons and Christian.1987's G3 Pack
- new custom environtment sounds
- new music
- new loadingscreens thanks to kaap
- new ranking (buy) system
- melee-attack with or without weapon
- very good base to add stuff in updates...

As we always recommend use modfolders to seperate the custom content from the official game content to prevent problems. For different ways to set up your modfolders and use them please visit our FAQ.

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Included files:


Tips (may be considered spoilers):

Future plans:
possible changelog for 0.97 beta
- new additional missions
- add some weapons
- add eating-system
- add sleeping-system
- add COOP-Mode

possible changelog for the 1.0 final:
- continue the story
- add pripjat
- add the APP

Credits & Thanks:
Sumrak for mutants
SARMAT-Studios for buildings
Icewindo for stalkers
DAP for scripts and his mod
KAAP for loadingscreens
beton for beton_addons and island
Clayman for dogs
Christian.1987 for g3 pack
Mapfact for editor update
Mikebart for vegetation
[ADO] for the island vostok

I hope I forgot no one, if it is so please contact me...

Forums Topic:
- conspiracies forums
- BI forums

- [ADO] Vostok
- other required addons are included


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