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Requirements: Community Base Addons, Arma 2,mar_m4

Version: 2.1
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Short description: Marine Special Operations Command (MARSOC) comprises roughly of 2,500 Marines and sailors, and the base unit of MARSOC is the fifteen-man Marine Special Operations Team (MSOT).

Date: 2012-12-06 12:04

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Marine Special Operations Command (MARSOC)


In October 2005, the secretary of defense directed the formation of a Marine component of U.S. Special Operations Command. It was determined the Marine Corps would initially form a unit of approximately 2,500 to serve with USSOCOM.

On Feb. 24, 2006 MARSOC activated at Camp Lejeune, N.C. MARSOC initially consisted of a small staff and the Foreign Military Training Unit, which had been formed to conduct foreign internal defense. FMTU was then designated as the Marine Special Operations Advisor Group.

In the months after the activation of MARSOC, the structure and personnel of both 1st and 2d Force Reconnaissance Company transferred to MARSOC to form 1st and 2d Marine Special Operations Battalions.

In April of 2009, MSOAG was re-designated as the Marine Special Operations Regiment with the 1st, 2d, and 3d MSOBs as subordinate units. The newly designated 3d MSOB incorporated the structure and personnel from MSOAG's former companies.

MARSOC also formed the Marine Special Operations Support Group and the Marine Special Operations School. The MSOSG provides combat support and combat service support to MARSOC units, to include: logistics, communication and intelligence. The MSOS screens, assesses, selects and trains Marine Special Operations Forces and is responsible for developing doctrine.

As a service component of USSOCOM, MARSOC is tasked by the commander of USSOCOM to train, organize, equip and when directed by commander of USSOCOM, deploy task organized, scalable and responsive U.S. Marine Corps Special Operations Forces worldwide in support of combatant commanders and other agencies. MARSOC has been directed to conduct foreign internal defense, special reconnaissance, and direct action. Commander, USSOCOM assigns MARSOC missions based on USSOCOM priorities. MARSOC units then deploy under USSOCOM deployment orders.

MARSOC deployed its first units in August 2006, six months after initial activation. Since then, MARSOC has continuously deployed. MARSOC’s current deployments include Marine Special Operations Teams conducting foreign internal defense and Marine Special Operations Companies from the Marine Special Operations Battalions conducting foreign internal defense, special reconnaissance and direct action.

Gen James F. Amos laid out nine essential inherited traits that make the Marine Corps an indispensable player in the defense of the United States.

1. Small unit leadership
2. Unit cohesion
3. An expeditionary mindset
4. A spirit of innovation
5. A commitment to education
6. Uncompromising standards of conduct and behavior
7. Rigorous training
8. Tough discipline
9. A fondness for operating in austere environments

Special operations are characterized by one or more of the following attributes: time sensitive, conducted with and through indigenous partners, require regional expertise, conducted under austere or remote conditions, involve a high degree of risk, clandestine, and low profile.

MarSOC’s Initial Training Course (ITC) is the first step in developing this 3-D warrior. ITC is a 28-week course designed to develop the requisite SOF skills of each Marine special operations team (MSOT) member. ITC students are trained in small unit tactics, supporting arms, mission planning and preparation, amphibious skills, advanced communications, combat and preventive medicine, combat marksmanship, urban combat, direct action, special reconnaissance, and survival, evasion, resistance, and escape training. All of these skills are taught alongside and in an environment steeped in irregular warfare (IW), focusing on foreign internal defense and counterinsurgency (COIN) operations.

Within these elements, teams develop subject matter experts (SMEs) in functional areas to include weapons, communications, engineering, operations and intelligence, logistics, and administration.

Pre-Deployment Training Program
PHASE 1: Individual Training Phase (ITP) - which focuses on individual development/SMEs. The ITP can include but is not limited to:
- advanced medical and communications training
- joint terminal air controller training
- advanced sniper
- engineering
- airborne
- amphibious
- breacher
- other courses that provide the individual expertise required by the team

PHASE 2: Unit Training Phase (UTP) - which incorporates all of the individual training into team capability and certification. The UTP, or collective training phase, typically consists of training events that focus on specific missions:
- foreign internal defense
- direct action
- special reconnaissance
- amphibious operations
- and many other training packages focused on developing and sustaining standing operating procedures

Like ITC these skills are practiced with an eye to broader counterinsurgency (COIN) and irregular warfare (IW) goals and frequently involve language and cultural challenges that replicate the conditions in the operating environment.

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Vanilla ArmA2 Combined Operations
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Included .pbo files:


Please read the included readme for info where you can find these units and the classnames.

Future plans:
- ADD Combat Divers
- Make replacement pack
- ADD Backpacks
- ADD RCO, CCO, and M203 M4's
- ADD Woodland and Desert Camo M4's
- ADD some different loadout CSO's (M249 pouches, Snipers)
- ADD Light Units

Credits & Thanks:
This project would'nt be possible if not for the help and hard work of these individuals. I thank you very much:

Binkowski - For making this possible by supplying me with the new unit models and textures. Thanks Bro!
SABRE - Textures and others
Johannes - Textures and others
FEINT - For helping out with coding and consulting (MARSOC Combat Diver).. Thanks!
Vilas - For the models of the M4's
Ivan Buchta - For the awesome BIS M4A3 models!! THANK YOU and God Speed on your release!
W0lle - For help in getting models and for being a kind friend!
ardvarkdb, scubaman3D, DaSquade - For the awesome PVS-14 model/textures
Fox '09
JeffersPang - For the awesome models and advice that really helped make this an outstanding addon. Thank you! PVS-15, ANVIS-9, Ops-Core Helmet, PEQ-15, L4G24 mount, L2G05 mount, and L3G10 mount.
markb50k - For the great work on the NVG Mounting. Thank you!
Jake34 - For helping me test.. thanks for your patience and time!
MSOT 8211 - Thanks for all the testing.
Givens - For helping with multi-cam.
skeeko1337 - For multi-cam Ops-Core texture.
BIS - For making this incredible game and for all the support you do for the community. Thanks!

*** OTHERS - If I didn't list your name I apologize. ***

- fixed issue with CRYE kneepads
- fixed scripting issue that may cause problems in Multi-Player
- changed displayName from Corpsman to S.A.R.C. (Special Amphibious Reconnaissance Corpsman)
- fixed multi-cam texture (if anyone can help me improve on this texture.. please PM me)
- added Weapon Pictures that should make it easy to find MAR weapons
- added MAR_SOPMOD_M4A1_HHSII (Eotech with 4x magnifier)
- added MAR_M4A1_box (AmmoBox)
- removed MAR_M4A1_ELC

- the classnames have been changed. This is due to the fact of obtaining knowledge on the accurate structure of a MSOT. I have learned based off of this article that a Tactically Organized MSOT consists of fourteen Marines organized into 3 elements: Headquarters Element [HQ], 1st Tactical Element [TE1], 2nd Tactical Element [TE2]. Headquarters Element consists of a Team Leader (O-3), Team Chief (E-8), Operations SNCO (E-7), and a Communications SNCO (E-6). Each Tactical Element consists of a Element Leader (E-6), 3 Element Members (E-4/E-5), and a Navy Corpsman. So I had to re-organize the units into the appropriate structure.
- reduced the section count and made other corrections that I hope will improve performance.

- first release

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- BI forums

- Community Base Addons
- Arma 2
- mar_m4 (included)
- mar_marines_cfg (included) *** Only use this when not playing with ACE!
- mar_marines_cfg_ace (included) Only use this when playing with ACE!

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