ShackTac Littlebird Enhancement Mod updated beta
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Dslyecxi released an updated beta version of the ShackTac Littlebird Enhancement Mod on the BI forums.
This latest release contains some small misc fixes!

    Quote Dslyecxi :
    The Littlebird Enhancement Mod currently adds things that are intended to more robustly represent what the MH-6J and AH-6J are capable of. Specific features are as follows for the MH-6J:
      - Precision mounting
      - Precision dismounting
      - Copilot movement to skid
      - Movement between seats on skid
      - Copilot/pilot transfer of aircraft controls
      - Firing from the skid seats

    The AH-6J has the following features currently:
      - Corrected rates of fire & ammo consumption:
        - 2000rpm mode gives approximately 3 minutes of continuous fire
        - 4000rpm mode gives approximately 1m30s of continuous fire

    Note that the M134 door guns are also influenced by these fixes.

Written on 2012-04-21 10:19 by Dslyecxi  

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