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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.1
Signed: Yes, key included

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Date: 2008-08-24 05:34

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ArmA Effects mod

You must delete the old version before installing this, it has a different file name and may conflict with the new version if it's not removed

This mod improves ArmA's particle effects, such as explosions and fires.

It contains many new effects, including:
    * New effects for weapons and explosions
    * Various weapon firing effects
    * More smoke when buildings are destroyed
    * New burning and smoke effects
    * AT backblast effects
    * Aircraft destroyed in the air now leave a flame/smoke trail (doesn't seem to work properly in MP)
    * Various other tweaks
You must delete the old version before installing this, it has a different file name and may conflict with the new version if it's not removed

Extract all files to start.
1. Place the folder called "@ArmAEffects" in your ArmA directory.
2. Inside that folder, make sure the 'addons' subfolder is there with the addons inside.
The following files should be in there:
    Extended_EventHandlers.pbo, (needed for the script system to work)
    MatH_ArmAEffects.pbo. (new particle effects)
    MatH_Rain.pbo (new rain effects)
    Note that ArmA Effects and Rain work seperately. You can delete one and keep the other if you only want one.
    As well as their signature files with the *.bikey extention for multiplayer.
    There should be 6 files there in total in the addons folder
3. Create a new shortcut file for ArmA, and in the target line add:
so it should look something like this:
"C:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA\arma.exe" -mod=@ArmAEffects
5. Run ArmA from that shortcut to use the mod.
The Server keys are for servers that use signature verification and want to allow this mod. Players don't need it.

To uninstall, simply delete the "@ArmAEffects" folder and the new shortcut.
If you want to use this in combination with other mods, go to this link in the BIS Wiki for info on managing modfolders:

Included files:

Video by ArmaVidz:
ArmA Effectual (version 0.4 effects)
Click to show more videos.

Change log:
*Sparks toned down again
*Modified impact effects - smoke reduced and changed blood impact again
*Missile/rocket smoke trail modified, shorter with fewer, larger particles - less performance impact now
*Some minor tweaks

*Sparks toned down
*Various dust changed by Nikita, including chopper downwash, tank cannon dust and dust kicked up by moving vehicles
*Weapon firing smoke and dust toned down, more realistic and doesn't obscure vision.
*Tank cannon muzzleflash changed
*Building destruction effects optimised
*Other minor changes

Known issues:
Their may be compatibility issues with certain mods that
use their own eventhandlers which are not compatible with the Extended Eventhandler addon.
Most mods should support it though. If they don't support it, then ask the author if they
could update the mod to use it.
The more mods that support the extended event handlers the better, that way we can all keep our mods compatible.

Credits & Thanks:
DMarkwick - For the custom particle textures
Evenlease - The A10 cannon smoke effect
Symbiot - Original idea and concept for the rain
MadDogX - For reworking the rain effect with a new script and texture
Solus - For the Extended Eventhandler addons
nikita320106 - For some changes to a few dust effects
Thanks to the people at the ACE mod for testing and feedback.
And thanks to any other people giving suggestions and info

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