British Ridgback Protected Patrol Vehicle (PPV) by cleggy updated
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cleggy released version 1.1 of his British Ridgback Protected Patrol Vehicle (PPV)on the BI forums.

    Quote cleggy :
    The Ridgback PPV (Protected Patrol Vehicle) is a British modification of the American Cougar 4x4 MRAP.
    It is fitted with a extensive armour package and electronics, including installation of the Enforcer remote weapon station.
    • Added woodland version
    • Model tweaks, extra LOD's etc.
    • Added thermals
    • Improved handling both off and on road
    • (Optional) support for Blakes_Mirrors_EE addon gives reversing camera simulation
    • (Experimental) custom damage handling to make it more resistant to mines, IED's, low level rpg's (and zombies)
    • Support for hiddenselections if you fancy a stab at re-texturing.
    • Texture templates are included in the download (just don't laugh at my UVmaps!)

British Ridgback PPV v1.1

Community Base Addons
Arma 2: British Armed Forces
Arma 2
blx_weapons.pbo (included)

Written on 2012-06-24 22:02 by cleggy  

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