Author: cleggy
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Requirements: Community Base Addons, Arma 2: British Armed Forces, Arma 2

Version: 1.1
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: The Ridgback PPV (Protected Patrol Vehicle) is a British modification of the Cougar 4x4 from FPII base vehicles.

Date: 2012-06-24 22:00

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British Ridgback Protected Patrol Vehicle


The Ridgback PPV (Protected Patrol Vehicle) is a British modification of the American Cougar 4x4 MRAP.
It is fitted with a extensive armour package and electronics, including installation of the Enforcer remote weapon station.

As we always recommend use modfolders to seperate the custom content from the official game content to prevent problems.
For different ways to set up your modfolders and use them please visit our FAQ.

When you are using the Steam version you can find a Steam mod installation and activation FAQ here.

Included .pbo files:

Here is a link to a small config tweak addressing the issue of rpg armed infantry not firing on the Ridgback:
Place in the same folder as the ridgback pbo and you should see a difference in the way enemy infantry react.

Although rpg's will now be used other infantry will just loon about, so it's not the 'Holy Grail' - fiddling with 'damageresistance' is just 'Numerwang' as far as I'm concerned.... At least there's a choice now, see which version you prefer.

My thanks to da12thMonkey for correcting my initial attempt at a patch.
I've only been doing this for years - you'd think I would have grasped some of it by now!

Known issues:
Interior detail is not how I want it but is functional. Given time I might get to finish it.

This is obviously NOT an official addon. Use at your own risk. Do not blame BIS, or me if it doesn't meet your expectations.

You are permitted to install and use this addon for personal entertainment only.

You are free to distribute this addon as you wish, as long as it is kept 100% free of charge, it is not modified in any way and this readme file is distributed with it.

Credits & Thanks:
Model and stuff: cleggy

Special Thanks:
All on the BIS forums who knowingly or otherwise helped me get this far.
BIS for the most fascinating/frustrating series of games on the planet.

- Added woodland version
- Model tweaks, extra LOD's etc.
- Added thermals
- Improved handling both off and on road
- (Optional) support for Blakes_Mirrors_EE addon gives reversing camera simulation
- (Experimental) custom damage handling to make it more resistant to mines, IED's, low level rpg's (and zombies)
- Support for hiddenselections if you fancy a stab at re-texturing.
- Texture templates are included in the download (just don't laugh at my UVmaps!)

- First Release - Desert Variant with Enforcer Remote Weapon Station

Forum topic:
- BI forums

- Community Base Addons
- Arma 2: British Armed Forces
- Arma 2
- blx_weapons.pbo (included)

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