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Requirements: Arma 2

Version: 1.1
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Short description: The only Chinook to make it off the Atlantic Conveyor before an Exocet missile sunk the Cargo Ship along with its Cargo which was 3 Chinooks.

Date: 2012-04-09 11:51

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Bravo November - ZA718 (Chinook)

Afrographx & Konyo

The only Chinook to make it off the Atlantic Conveyor before an Exocet missile sunk the Cargo Ship along with its Cargo which was 3 Chinooks. It was was bound for the Falkland Islands in 1982. Since 1982 it has served in the Falkland Islands, Lebanon, Germany, Northern Ireland, Kurdistan, Iraq and Afghanistan. The aircraft has seen four of its pilots awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for actions whilst in command of Bravo November. She's has been refitted and upgraded numerous times during its service in the British Armed Forces. There are few parts of the original aircraft that survive today though the "main fuselage, the manufacturer's data plate in the cockpit and the RAF’s serial number ZA718 clearly emblazoned on the rear of the aircraft remain ever present. Bravo November has had a troubled past, one of which was on a night mission in the Falklands when pilot Squadron Leader Dick Langworthy and his co-pilot Flight Lieutenant Andy Lawless, descended after losing visibility in a thick snow shower, hitting the sea at around 100 knots (175 km/h) due to a faulty altimeter. The impact threw up spray that flooded the engine intakes but Langworthy and his copilot managed to get the helicopter back in the air even with one door missing it later got an Argentinian door and it still has it today. In 2010, Bravo November was involved in another incident while on service in Afghanistan when pilot Flight Lieutenant Ian Fortune was hit by a ricochet from a bullet fired by Taliban fighters during an extraction of injured soldiers. Flt Lt Fortune landed the helicopter in a "hot zone" that was under heavy Taliban fire. After landing the aircraft was hit numerous times, one round ricocheted and hit Fortune's helmet at the attaching point for the Night Vision Google's (NVG's) and smashed the visor. He stayed in control of the aircraft and continued to rescue his wounded colleagues and land his damaged helicopter. For his actions he was awarded the fourth Distinguished Flying Cross in the history of the aircraft.

•BAF Variant - Can be used with BAF or BAF Lite
•CounterMeasures (Flares) - Requires Operation Arrowhead.
•Walk able ramp and can have the possibility of adding Cargo with the attach to command.

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Included .pbo files:

The Bravo November Chinook Helicopter can be found under 'BLUFOR' > 'USMC' > 'Air' & 'BLUFOR' > 'BAF' > 'Air'.

Credits & Thanks:
This is Afrographx’s Chinook from operation flashpoint. The Spanish mod kindly gained permission from Afrographx
to use it in their newly released and great modification!
All credit goes to AfrographX for the original model and textures, and all credit goes to Peloton
and the Spanish mod for allowing the Chinook to have a functioning flight model to work in Armed Assault.

Origiona model and textures – AfrographiX
Flight model and o2 work – Pelton from the Spanish FFAA mod
Gunner positions / Extensiive model improvments Eddie(Wld427)
Config help, bug fixing and error report cleanup – Deanobeano
Updated Textures (higher quality) - Topas
Fixing Optikia_heli_tl.paa - PvPscene
Get in co-pilot - w0lle
BAF Faction Help - [ASA]ODEN
Config help with Arma2 - Konyo
Marrius – Sound mixing
Q -

Added : BAF Variant - Can be used with BAF or BAF Lite
Fixed : Get in Gunner now changed to Get in Co-Pilot
Changed : Display Names
Removed : Manual Fire option

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